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Friday, August 31, 2012

Prince William bewitched by Kate’s 'ordinariness', talks of baby plans

Although in the beginning doubts were expressed about the success of this high-profile commoner/royal union, Prince William and Catherine have proved skeptics wrong. The royal continue to be happily married unlike the doomed union of the formers parents Prince Charles and late Lady Diana.

The secret to this practically perfect union between commoner Kate Middleton and the future British King, Prince William is in their pragmatic life in private. Royal analysts opine that the Duchess of Cambridge, the down-to-earth Catherine makes hubby William feel like a ‘normal’ person keeping him grounded always.

The duo met as students at St Andrews University and after an intense eight-year long courtship, married last year. Their wedding as royal watchers know was a grand affair watched by two billion people globally; however despite the grandeur of Prince William’s position, it is Kate’s “ordinariness” that he really “craves” desperately.

It is this ‘normal’ quality in Duchess Kate that floors Prince William every-time and keeps him hooked to her and will hopefully do for a lifetime. Being born with a golden spoon, he has had his upbringing in palaces and surrounded by aides and protection officers. For him, sensible Kate is like a breath of fresh air, who gives him the normal life he has always desired.

A source told People: “She brings a sense of ordinariness that William has always craved. Kate makes recipes learned from her mother.” It is true that to the outside world they are not openly affectionate in public probably keeping in mind their position.

However, a friend of the couple discloses that there should be no mistake about their absolute love and commitment for each other, who in private are the “touchy feely” kind. Friends revealed: "There is nothing contrived about [their romance]."

Most royal watchers must have seen that rare display of open emotion at the London Olympic Games when seeing Sir Chris Hoy win the historic sixth gold medal in the velodrome, a jubilant Kate hugged her husband and an equally ecstatic William scooped her off the ground. In this context the insider claimed: "They are [touchy] like that in private – completely.” No doubt the duo is the favorite of almost everyone.

The only thing missing in this fairytale romance is a little cherubic baby. Apparently, now it is on the ‘top of their agenda.’ With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Olympics out of the way, Wills and Kate finally have time to make a baby. In fact they are said to already have a plan in place.

A member of the royal couple’s social circle told Life & Style magazine: “William and Kate are putting all their effort into having a baby … They would love to be expecting by the end of the year,” he added. It was only due to their hectic royal obligations that they had to postpone their efforts to begin a family sooner.

The conscientious couple didn’t want anything to take away from the grandeur of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee or the London Olympic Games. Now that most of those royal duties are out of the way, the couple intermittently takes time out to go to their beach cottage in Anglesey away from the prying public gaze.

“She just wants to hide away in Wales — out of the glare and the spotlight — and get on with producing the future king or queen of England,” the insider revealed. Well, nearly everyone is keeping their fingers crossed for terrific news of the royal replica of Wills and Kate in the near future.

Source: UK.OMG/Hollywoodlife/Life&Style

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pippa Middleton heart-broken over disconnect with Duchess Kate

The younger sibling of Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge is said to be feeling lonely and lost without big sister Kate Middleton by her side in recent times.

As Pippa Middleton’s destiny looks bleaker, so too does her presence in her sister-cum-best friend Duchess Kate’s life, which in turn is making her shed tears in private.

Earlier, when Catherine was not married to Prince William, the two siblings were so close that they were almost like "peas in a pod,"--in fact until recently Pippa was Duchess Kate’s "right hand" woman.

However, after Catherine became a royal last year in April, and with her being busy with public engagements, by and by the 28-year-old Pippa is said to be feeling completely left out of her life.

On the other hand, Duchess Kate is doing pretty well in life. The charismatic brunette’s popularity is skyrocketing, with public adoration for her at the zenith.

Also in recent weeks, Pippa Middleton, dubbed by the media as "her royal hotness," has seen a remarkable fall from grace from the powers that be.

Pippa is understood to be confounded over being sidelined during the Olympics, during which she has not been given an invite. Particularly given that one year back she would have been one among those seated at the VIP section.

A source disclosed: "Pippa has been crying her eyes out and has never been so lonely in her life. … She’s been distraught seeing all these happy pictures of Wills, Kate and Harry at the Olympics."

But what is really upsetting the sensitive Virgo, who has always been there for her sister through thick and thin, is that Catherine seems to be oblivious to her suffering.

It is believed that what has upset Pippa even more deeply is the harsh barb of the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld about her looks, insinuating that the brunette is ugly.

The ageing designer had recently sniped at Pippa stating that she should “hide her face… [and] only show her back." While her elder sister could have reassured Pippa, sadly for her, Kate didn’t speak out in her defense, leaving her feeling even more let down.

Source: Woman's Day

Monday, August 27, 2012

Kate Middleton trains Prince Harry in some practical culinary skills

There is a lull in the news pertaining to the royals after the Diamond Jubilee engagements and the hectic 2012 London Olympics schedule, with the Duchess of Cambridge understood to be lying low. However, Kate in the meantime is said to be imparting some useful culinary lessons to Prince Harry.

With hubby Prince William away a lot due to his field job as an RAF search-and-rescue pilot, Catherine is having plenty of free time. As royal watchers are well aware, her brother-in-law Harry is someone with whom she shares a terrific rapport.

Being a bachelor and a royal to boot, Prince Harry seems to use the microwave a lot to heat ready-made food instead of cooking himself. Kate has therefore taken it upon herself to give Harry some useful culinary tips.

A source told Grazia magazine: “Kate is a whizz in the kitchen, while Harry's skills are rather lacking … So Kate has been teaching Harry to cook rather than use the microwave.

"Aside from the relationship they have a very brotherly, sisterly relationship, and Harry has been a great support to Kate, who is still fairly new to the Royal family," states the same source.

Just this week the happy-go-lucky 27-year-old royal hit the headlines with his saucy Las Vegas party pictures splashed all over the internet. Harry needs to be careful not to binge on Duchess Kate’s mouthwatering dishes and let him-self bloat.

As it is, the thick-as-thieves duo has in jest dubbed Prince William the "Burger King," especially after the latter added a few extra pounds recently.

The same source told Grazia: “It’s always a laugh when Kate and Harry are together ….William loves that his wife and brother are such good pals and he jokingly calls Harry Kate's 'lady in waiting' because he's always there by her side.”

However, apparently what gets Prince William’s goat is that they are always pulling his leg. "What he doesn't enjoy is how much they like to wind him up,” revealed the source.

The source went on to add: “There’s always a lot of laughter when the three are together but it's normally aimed at Wills, poor chap, but he takes it well and knows it's all a bit of banter."

Source: Magazine

Prince Harry's Las Vegas Scandal - More photos set to emerge

According to a latest poll by Mirror magazine, a whopping 12 million people in the United Kingdom have gawked at the Las Vegas nude pictures of Prince Harry, despite a ban.

Party prince: The Sun, the only Brit magazine to publish 
the picture of Prince Harry in the buff. Credit: Twitter.
The saucy pictures were clicked in a posh Las Vegas hotel during a private strip billiards party Prince Harry participated in with his pals.

These pictures were later leaked world-wide on the internet causing a massive stir. 

Prince Harry, pre-nude-photo Scandal 
Credit: Ben Stansall – AFP/Getty Images
Latest reports suggest additional sensational photographs of the third in line to the British throne, partying in Las Vegas could well come into the public domain pretty soon.

A high-profile British publicist Max Clifford disclosed two women were trying to sell their photos from Strip Billiards-a-palooza got in touch with him to seek representation.

Clifford told BBC he refused the offer however, some one else will not let such a lucrative opportunity pass by and perhaps oblige. 

Meanwhile The Sun, despite a ban on publication of Harry pictures, is the only UK magazine to splash one of the nude photos of the Prince on the front page of its souvenir printed edition. 

A copy of The Sun newspaper with pic of a nude Prince Harry
seen in a shop in London Credit: Toby Melville / Reuters
Don't miss these reports for in-depth info : 

Source: Mirror/AP 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kate Middleton is ‘perfect’ eulogizes actress Mischa Barton

There appears to be one more addition to the charming Duchess of Cambridge’s legion of celebrity followers. This time it is none is none other than the beatific Mischa Barton, who has revealed that she is a great admirer of Duchess Catherine's sense of style and has praised her for being a perfect role model.

Lovely 'Oc' actress and fashion
designer Mischa Barton
Mischa Barton at her handbag store

Kate dressed perfectly in
blue uniform during
Olympics Credit:Getty
The 5ft 9 inches ‘Oc’ actress and fashion designer who has her own range of handbags admits she is a huge fan of the British royal. 

Incidentally, just recently Duchess Catherine  was named the best dressed woman by Vanity Fair magazine for the third year in a row. 

The gorgeous blonde greatly admires the dresses worn by the tall elegant Duchess Kate (the former Kate Middleton). 

Mischa Barton says she enjoys the 'cute and pretty' fashion choices made by Prince William’s better half. Gushed Mischa: 'I think she's perfect. I like her style. She always looks put together, cute and pretty. I definitely wouldn't change her.” 

The 26-year-old says she loved seeing Catherine taking part in the action at the recent London Olympics. According to the star, Duchess Kate being an Olympics ambassador  is a perfect ‘role model' for the young girls who would have been tuning in to the event.

Mischa Barton dazzles at Cannes Festival
She told Ok! Magazine: ‘I think she's a much more positive role model than most we see in ads and magazines.’ Then went on to add: ‘During the Olympics it's given people so many more positive role models and she's been one of the existing ones we look up to who's positive and healthy and cool.’ 

Kate looking elegant during the London
Olympics as ambassador. Credit: Just Jared
Mischa currently resides in Paris, France and though she has never met Duchess Kate she has met her younger brother James Middleton and is fan of his too. About James, she opined: 'He was a very nice guy, a real gentleman. He came to dinner after a party with us. He and his girlfriend are very sweet.' 

Source: Contact Music

Mischa Barton with James Middleton

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wills and Kate on romantic getaway sans eternal ‘gooseberry’ Harry

The Duchess of Cambridge, (former Kate Middleton) shares a fabulous rapport with her brother-in-law Prince Harry. It is no wonder then that she absolutely adores him, and loves being in his company. However, for once, Kate and Wills have planned a romantic holiday without Prince Harry in tow.

The young royal couple spends a lot of their time in the company of the 27-year-old eligible bachelor, who lately has been busy socializing in Las Vegas. This time, however, the eternal royal ‘gooseberry’ Harry has been excluded from Kate and Wills first romantic getaway plans after the hectic Olympics schedule.

According to Now Magazine, the lovebirds are heading off for some solo time at their special hideaway: Tam-Na-Ghar cottage on the Balmoral estate in Scotland. It’s a 120-year-old three-bedroom, former gamekeeper's cottage located on the grounds of Birkhall.

It was given by Queen Elizabeth to her favorite grandson Prince William. During their student days at St Andrews', when William was still wooing Kate he would often take her there, to spend their breaks as it’s completely secluded with lots of privacy for the couple.

This is the same romantic spot where Prince Charles would take William and Harry’s late mother, Diana during happier times. Balmoral, containing 50,000 acres of pine-dotted land was originally purchased byQueen Victoria in 1852. It is said to be the royals' favorite estate, ideal for country sports such as hill walking and salmon fishing.

A source told the magazine: 'They (Wills and Kage) enjoy going there to spend time by themselves and used to go in their university days… It's a place they can just be themselves.' Hopefully, one will get to hear the good news of a baby soon.

However, sadly for Prince Harry there is no special woman in his life ever since his tumultuous on-off six-year romance with 26-year-old Chelsy Davy that went kaput two years ago and his latest romance with Florence Brudenell-Bruce which didn't work out.

Reportedly he has even asked his dear sis-in-law Kate Middleton to find a suitable girl for him. Hope she does indeed find a good match for the lonely prince.

Source: Now Magazine/Lovekatesstyle.blogspot

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Duchess Kate furious as Camilla taunts balding Wills to ‘get a wig’

The conflict between Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles has reportedly intensified and turned vicious. The highly ambitious wife of Prince Charles has now trained her guns on Prince William, making nasty comments about his receding hairline and bald spots, reports the latest issue of Globe magazine under the headline: Camilla mocks bald William.

Apparently Camilla Parker-Bowles has always been envious of Kate Middleton’s good looks and popularity, something which she herself woefully lacks. While it may not be too obvious, Camilla by hook or crook wants to be Queen Consort and thereby always be next to her husband Prince Charles in the seat of power.

However, the shrewd lady knows pretty well that majority of the Brits would love to see the charismatic Prince William on the throne with Kate as his consort, both being more competent and popular than the former duo.

While through subtle manipulation Camilla Parker-Bowles has managed to convince Queen Elizabeth II to ensure that it will only be Prince Charles who will be the next King of England, it’s the inherent insecurity within her which makes Camilla still not give up and continue making nasty jabs. Her tactics is quite simple; the Duchess of Cromwell just wants to see Kate and William being constantly humiliated and put down.

Towards this end Camilla is ready to try every trick to hit out at the younger royals, whether it is by asserting the new curtsy diktat or jeering about Kate’s bikini-body pictures taken during her honeymoon.

Queen Elizabeth always had a deep distrust for Camilla especially due to her role in the breakup of Prince Charles and Diana’s marriage. But by and by the wily Camilla has managed to inveigle her way into the good books of the old monarch. And behind the scenes doing everything she can to undermine and put down Kate and Wills.

Sources revealed to GLOBE magazine (print edition, August 27) about the dreadful showdown that took place between Camilla and Prince William recently. Apparently a bitchy Camilla told a fuming William: “Your head’s getting like a baby’s bottom – get a wig!”

Naturally this is not something the Duke of Cambridge would take lying down, especially from the woman responsible for taking his dad away from his dearest mom. Apparently he shot back stingingly at Camilla “I’ll think about a wig if you get another facelift!”

Now hearing this unpleasant interaction, any wife would be upset. Kate Middleton being the totally devoted and utterly in love wife naturally was enraged when she heard that her step mother-in-law Camilla was ridiculing William over his receding hairline and bald spot. So she decided to take things in hand at the very next opportunity.

It was at the show jumping event at the Olympics an insider reports: “Kate took Camilla to one side and warned her in no uncertain terms to lay off William.” Allegedly both William and Kate are absolutely fuming at Camilla with insiders stating that there “is no hope of a truce any time soon.”

Well, if this report in Globe is indeed true, then one can only question Camilla’s gall in insulting Prince William by alluding to his receding hairline. It’s bad enough that a pesky little singer like Justin Bieber is making fun of William, now he has even got a dowager on his case. Why don’t they all just buzz off!!!

Sources: Globe Magazine/Celebdirtylaundry

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Duchess Kate as a student was not bowled over by Prince William

According to close friends, the Duchess of Cambridge was not interested in Prince William in the beginning, when they were mere students.  In fact at that point in time she was more smitten by a guy called Harry.

Wills and Kate as first year students at St. Andrews, 2002.
Even though later they fell madly in love with each other and married in April last year, apparently  Duchess Kate, the former Kate Middleton wasn't bowled over by the dashing young British royal initially when she found out that they were to attend the same university, St. Andrews, in Scotland.

For all the juicy details on Kate Middleton student years and her crushes check the link below:

St. Andrews where Kate & Wills fell in love

Friday, August 17, 2012

Duchess Kate takes Zara & Bea on-board to help find Prince Harry the 'right girl'

On Aug 15th it was reported that Kate Middleton will be helping Prince Harry to get over his long-time sweetheart Chelsy Davyand even promised to find him the ‘right girl.’

Well, as per latest information coming in the Duchess of Cambridge has already began doing the same in right earnest. Kate it seems is doing everything in her power to see that her lonely bro-in-law gets the perfect life partner. Towards this end she is understood to have even enlisted the support of other female royals, Wills and Harry’s cousins.

Prince William’s younger brother Harry, 27 is said to be very “serious” about settling down. He really believes if there is one person who can help him to finally ensnare the princess of his dreams it will be his dear sister-in-law, who he trusts implicitly and pours his heart to.

It is reported that Duchess Kate is teaming up with Princesses Zara Phillips and Princess Beatrice in a bid to find a potential love match for Harry. A person of her word, she is taking her new role as a royal match maker real seriously.

An insider told ‘Now’ magazine: “She's planning to sit down with Bea and Zara to go through a list of people they know to see who might be a good fit for Harry.”

Further according to the same source if Harry was the type of person who didn't care and just wanted “to play the field, then Kate wouldn't be putting so much effort into it … But he's serious about settling down,” added the insider.

That is indeed good news for Prince Harry, and royal watchers can now look forward to another grand nuptials pretty soon, if Kate Middleton succeeds in finding a pretty lassie for her brother-in-law.

Source: Now Magazine

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Duchess Kate pledges to find Prince Harry the 'right girl’

The grapevine has been abuzz with gossip about the terrific chemistry shared between the Duchess of Cambridge and brother-in-law Prince Harry. Some have even insinuated that there is more to it than meets the eye.

Well for all such loose talkers, here is a piece of news which will put to rest such unsavory speculations. Like a true ‘big sister,’ sis-in-law Kate Middleton has promised to help Harry “find the right girl.”

The trio William, Harry and Kate’s bonding is there for all to see, something rare in today’s world. In fact, Kate and Harry get on like a house on fire, even if Wills is not around.

Both Kate and Harry have been photographed together at quite a lot of public engagements for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as also during the closing ceremony of the London Olympics this Sunday (Aug.13).

This too has resulted in a lot of gossip about the special bonding they share with each other. Fact is Harry looks upon Kate as ‘more of a sister’ than in-law. Apparently, now the blissfully married Wills and Kate feel pained for Prince Harry, 27 as he is still single, struggling to find his true love.

Duchess Kate has therefore decided to take things in hand and do all she can to help Prince Harry get over his former girl friend, Chelsy Davy. Now magazine reports that Kate Middleton, 30 has stepped in to solve the problem after an emotional tête-à-tête with Harry last week.

A royal insider disclosed: 'Away from the cameras, Kate and Harry always have long and meaningful heart-to-hearts, as they're very close…But their recent private chats have been about Harry's despair at not being able to find the right girl.’

Catherine has even vowed to find her husband’s younger brother a girlfriend as the insider revealed further: ‘Seeing how serious this is for Harry, Kate offered to help… She thinks it's time he got over Chelsy Davy and moved on.’

According to the same source the situation is similar to what Prince William’s mother Princess Diana did ‘….as she set up Fergie with Prince Andrew.' Well, one seriously hopes it does not turn out the way it did for Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

Here‘s wishing Kate Middleton all the luck in finding for Prince Harry a compatible girl.

Source: Now Magazine

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Behind Duchess Kate’s classy look, a cool £22,000 beauty regime

 The world admires Kate Middleton’s glowing complexion, her glossy voluminous tresses and her flawless make-up. However, looking immaculate does not come cheap; there surely is a high price tag attached. Daily Mail has now spilled the secret of the Duchess of Cambridge’s amazing look and the cost it entails.

Duchess Kate's cool £22,000 beauty regime
 Apparently the budget for her beauty regimen is a cool £22,000 annually, something which is not really well-known. Let’s find out how. The first thing everyone will notice about Duchess Kate is her glowing complexion. According to Julie Cichocki of Karin Herzog brand the secret behind Duchess Kate’s ever glowing skin is the company’s oxygen-infused skin-care products. Apparently, it was recommended to Kate by a friend when she was still at college.

Julie Cichocki said: ‘Kate has a good skin and wants to keep it that way. Before her 30th birthday she used the Oxygen Face Cream (£36), but now uses Vit-A-Kombi 2 Moisturiser (£54.50). As we get older, the skin needs the additional nutrients and vitamins that it contains ...The Mild Scrub exfoliator (£31), Professional Cleansing cleanser (£33) and the Vit-A-Kombi 3 Spot Zapper (£21.50) are also part of her routine.’

However, along-with the high tech Swiss regimen, Kate also has earthly facials done courtesy facialist Deborah Mitchell. The latter regularly treats Kate’s step mother-in-law Duchess Camilla. Reportedly, soon after Kate and Wills’ engagement Camilla urged the former to try a pot of the Heaven Bee Venom Face Mask (£25.30), something which she herself believes in strongly.

Later she even encouraged Kate to try a £165 facial with Mitchell, and now Kate is said to swear by this product. Lancome’s Hydra Zen Moisturizing Cream (£38) and the bargain Nivea Visage Pure and Natural Moisturizing Day Cream (£5.10) are some other skin care products Duchess Kate is said to favor. The estimated cost of buying Herzog products and bee face mask every three months plus a monthly facial is £2,641.20.

Next in Kate Middleton’s beauty regimen is her shiny luscious locks. The credit for maintaining Kate’s glossy perfectly blow-dried mane is courtesy of Richard Ward’s salon located close to King’s Road in London. Kate is a regular there for years. They are naturally tight-lipped about their celebrity client.

However, in the past Richard Ward has spoken on how to take care of hair and get ‘the Kate’. According to him, all it requires is a deft cut from him (at £200 one time), every eight to twelve weeks. Check VideoKate's hair with her stylist Richard Ward.

It has also been rumored that on finding the odd grey hair, Kate has now gone for organic-vegetable-based dye and subtle low-lights applied at the salon (at £280, every couple of months). Also there is the essential blow dries for the hair, which apparently, Kate must be getting at least three times a week at a cool £70 a pop. The estimated cost of maintaining luscious locks based on six cuts and colors a year and thrice-weekly blow dries comes to £13,800.

Considering the fact that during her wedding to Prince William, Kate Middleton did her own make-up and before her marriage she even purchased her own beauty products, it’s safe to assume that when it comes to cosmetics the lady knows what she wants. Before her nuptials she was seem stocking up on Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer (£33). This is the basic of choice for a lady preferring a subtle, sheer appearance.

Moreover when it comes to color cosmetics, Kate is a fan of Bobby Brown make-up line. The company after Wills and Kate’s royal wedding even released a statement that one of their make-up artists (Hannah Martin) provided ‘make-up artistry assistance to members of the bridal party.’ Brown told “Catherine has the perfect balance between classic and modern … Her bold brows frame her face, while a swipe of gloss and pop of pink blush give her a healthy glow.”

Bobby Brown also released a list of products that could be used to recreate Duchess Kate’s looks. It included eye-shadows in Ivory, Rock, Star and Slate (£16.50 each), Pale Pink Blusher (£18) and Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick (£32) and for the lips, the Sandwash Pink Lipstick (£18) and Crystal Gloss (£14). It’s widely regarded that Kate used these products on her ‘D’ day.

Not to be missed is Catherine’s perfectly shaped eyebrows. The credit for this also goes to Bobby Brown cosmetics. Apparently during Kate’s visit once to the cosmetics centre in Peter Jones, she took lessons from one of Bobby Brown’s make-up artists who showed her how to use a slanted make-up brush with dark brown eye shadow in a shade called Saddle (£16.50) to fill in her brows.

At that point she even purchased some products to keep her eye area looking youthful. These included Bobby Brown’s Hydrating Eye Cream (£29), a Corrector (£18) for blighting under-eye darkness, and a Tinted Eye Brightener (£23.50) as well as a Lip-liner in brownish-pink (£15) and a lipstick in Sandwash Tulle (£18).

Her signature black eyeliner and mascara is more likely to be courtesy Lancome. Days before her nuptials she was seen buying the brand’s Hypnose mascara (£21) and Artline eyeliner (£20). This is basically a foam-tipped lip liner that gives perfect, precise application. Based on buying thrice a year of all products, the estimated cost comes to £976.50.

With regard to fragrances, Duchess Kate is said to be a fan of Jo Malone range of fragrances costing £76 a bottle. Apparently she requested that Westminster Abbey have the aroma of three of her favorite scented candles (£38 each) which included Orange Blossom, Grapefruit & Lime, and Basil & Mandarin. As regards tans, she is not said to favor fake golden glow. Rather the Duchess prefers subtle tan to give her that sun-kissed glow.
‘She takes incredibly good care of her skin, so a light; sheer self-tan on top is all she needs for a polished glow,’ said tanning expert James Harknett. However, opinion is divided on exactly which brand of tan she favors, with both Zen Tan’s Spray Tan (£40) and Urban Retreat’s Air Brush Tan (£40) believed to be her likely favorites. The estimated cost of perfumes and tans based on tan a fortnight and two bottles ofIlluminum and two bottles of Jo Malone perfumes annually comes to £1,392.

With regard to Duchess Kate’s manicure and pedicure for perfect hand and toe nails, during her wedding, Duchess Camilla recommended beauty therapists Marina Sandoval from Jo Hanford Salon in Mayfair. The beautician at that point came to Clarence House to give the bride-to-be a £36 ‘signature manicure.’ As well as having finger filed, buffed and polished, Kate Middleton was also treated to a luxurious soak and exfoliation of her hands and a deep tissue hand massage.

Marina said: ‘Catherine wanted something very natural looking.’ To create the perfect color she blended Bourjous No. 28 Rose Lounge and Essle 423 Allure. Kate stuck to neutral shades on her fingernails, moving from a soft pink to a subtle peach. However, for her toes she choice dark red most likely a professional job (£47 at Jo Hansford). Based on weekly manicure and fortnightly pedicure, the estimated cost comes to£3,094.

Source: Daily Mail

Pippa Middleton 'devastated' by designer Karl Lagerfeld’s barbs

Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge, is reportedly crestfallen over the cutting remarks made by Karl Lagerfeld against her recently.

‘Handsome’ Karl Lagerfeld find’s Pippa’s 
face ‘ugly’. Image:
While the world has crowned her as ‘Her Royal Hotness’ the brunette is pretty sensitive about her looks and the legendary designer’s uncalled for comments has her now apparently doubting her beauty.

Karl Lagerfeld with ‘Posh’ Beckham, who he admires for 
her super body after 4 kids. Image:
According to a report last week, the legendary Chanel designer known for courting controversy remarked that the party planning socialite, Pippa should "hide her face" as she didn’t look as beautiful as her elder sister Kate Middleton.

He even added bitchily: “She should only show her back.” A backhanded way of acknowledging how she had wowed millions world over with her pert posterior as the bridesmaid at her sister's grand wedding in London to Prince William in April 2011.

Pippa Middleton – Front and back..for
which she became famous worldwide
Lagerfeld’s unwarranted remark would have upset any normal person. Naturally his cruel jibes have hit home, with Pippa said to be ‘devastated’ by the taunts and wanting to retaliate.
Lagerfeld on Pippa: I don’t like her
face. Image:
However, friends of the brunette advised her to maintain a dignified silence, something which she has agreed to follow. But, that still doesn't  help to assuage her hurt feelings. 

A source told Closer magazine "Pippa's devastated by Karl's cruel comments - she's always been confident about her looks … Her friends have tried to make her laugh about it as Karl is hardly a supermodel himself," jeered the same source.

Well, one is on Pippa’s pals’ side on this one. Have to laud the brunette for keeping her dignity with her silence in the face of Karl Lagerfeld's nasty put downs. She will definitely win more friends for her graceful reaction. By the way Mr. Lagerfeld, have you looked at yourself in the mirror recently?

Apparently the gutsy Pippa has now put Karl Lagerfeld's catty remarks behind her. Last night (Aug 12, 2012) a solo Pippa stepped out confidently to attend a film premier in London.

Pippa at Shadow Dancer
premier in B/W dress
Credit: PA
Pippa at Shadow Dancer
premier. Rear side view.
Credit: Splash

A tanned Pippa walked n solo 
 to the Shadow Dancer premier
Credit: Joanne Davidso

Dressed in a monochrome dress the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister stepped on the red carpet at a screening for Shadow Dancer at Cineworld Haymarket, where she joined the stars of the film, including Clive Owen. 

In a fitting rebuttal to Lagerfeld taunts, a tanned Pippa, 28 looked gorgeous as she attended the event in a black and white dress which she had paired off with strapped black heels. 

Her perfect fitting strapless dress fell just above her knee. The classy outfit boasted of a white lace panel across her shoulders. Pippa was the cynosure of all eyes as she showed off her dusky tan, with her flowing tresses falling around her shoulders, beautifully.  

Source: Celebs Mail

Karl Lagerfeld calls Pippa ugly!!!

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