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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pregnant Duchess Kate seen sporting grey hair roots for the first time

Kate’s obvious baby bump.
Duchess Kate is renowned globally for being immaculately dressed and well-groomed - without so much as a hair out of place - during her royal engagements. However, of late - especially after her pregnancy - the tall lassie is understood to have become a tad careless particularly where her glossy brown tresses are concerned.

Yes, the lady it seems is neglecting the very voluminous crown which has made her the envy of majority of woman world over.  According to UK magazine NOW! (March 18th) issue five-months-pregnant Duchess Kate is battling grey hair, as she was photographed with grey hair roots, during her visit to Grimsby last week.

As Kate Middleton made a trip to Grimsby something totally unexpected hit the eyes of her innumerable admirers for the first time - a beauty hassle plaguing millions of women – the troublesome grey hairs.

The grapevine had been abuzz for some time that Prince William’s wife has been battling early onset of grey hairs. However, it was only during her recent public engagement on Tuesday, March 12 that everyone got the actual proof of the royal grey hair roots.

Stressed Kate with greys showing
Photographs clicked at the event clearly shows for the first time the 31-year-old's grey hair roots sprouting on her head. According to a royal source: “She's not especially pleased about it - who would be?”
“Like any girl she worries about her looks, especially when she knows the whole world is watching her. But she's a strong girl so she'll take it in her stride,” added the same source confidently.

Of course this premature splash of grey hair highlights could be attributed to her family genes. Even Kate’s late maternal grandma Dorothy Goldsmith who at the age of 47 had a head full of grey hairs.

Photographs of Goldsmith holding Kate as a baby, clearly shows her mop of silver strands. Point is while it could be her genes that is the culprit behind the Duchess of Cambridge’s lovely mane turning grey pre-maturely, why is she not bothering to hide it before the world? 

Closeup of grey hair roots in Kate's head
Could it be that Kate is paying heed to the old wives tales that it is not good to dye one’s hair while being pregnant as the chemicals in it can harm the unborn baby? Now Magazine quoting renowned trichologist Philip Kingsley says it is not true.

Kingsley believes there is no conclusive proof not to dye one’s hair during pregnancy, especially during the most traumatic “last 10 weeks when women are beginning to feel less attractive."

According to royal sources, Kate has recently even reduced her ritual grooming visits to Richard Wards, London’s foremost hair salon. Reportedly, it costs a steep 310 pounds for a single hair color treatment.

Apparently, ever since veteran stylist James Pryce - who groomed Kate’s hair on her wedding day - left Wards salon Kate has started taking the help of Amanda Cook Tucker to look after her mane at home. Tucker happens to be Prince William and Prince Harry’s long-time hairdresser. 

Meanwhile, sources informed Now that Kate’s friends good-humoredly refer to her grey hair roots as “stress highlights.” However, the Duchess herself is not bothered, she is simply too exhausted from her pregnancy to make any attempts to tend to her thick mane.

Just few days before her royal engagement at Grimsby, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had returned after a hectic weekend at Arosa in the Swiss Alps, where they attended the nuptials of Mark Tomlinson and Olympic dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer.

The same royal source said - “Kate’s under a lot of pressure at the moment – immense pressure. She is struggling with tiredness and fatigue, so she’s just trying to put on a smile and get on with it without worrying about things like dyeing her hair.”

While Kate like any other pregnant women may be feeling a tad self-conscious about the changes in her physical shape on her size 8 and her English rose flawless complexion, however she is taking the whole thing quite spiritedly.

Says one friend of Kate’s “She actually loves having curves for the first time in her life – she’s joked that she’s getting a bum like Pippa’s now. She’s never had a bum and big chest before, even when she was younger. But she is feeling self-conscious about looking tired and exhausted.”

With regard to Kate’s grey hair roots now beginning to show publicly, if it’s a conscious decision on her part not to dye her hair, one must say it’s a very good decision. Let the world and so-called experts say what they like but the well-being of her unborn baby is of prime importance.

Old wives tales have a lot of years of wisdom behind it and must not just be brushed off. In fact one would urge Kate to carry on gracefully without any grey hair touch ups and wait till the royal baby is born, before she gets back to coloring her hair. Being a mother to a healthy, bonny baby – the future British Royal heir, is and should be of utmost importance for the present. 

Source: Now

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