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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

William and Kate’s Asia Pacific tour dates

Here are the details of William and Kate's tour of Asia and the Pacific tour dates as part of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.  

Tour Dates of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: 

Sept. 11
Singapore: Mid Afternoon arrival in Singapore, followed by a visit to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, where an orchid will be named in their honor.

Wills and Kate look at the orchid that will bear their name 
during the orchid naming ceremony at Singapore Botanic
 Gardens on Sept. 11, 2012  Photo Credit: Komonews

In the evening William and Kate will attend a State dinner hosted by the President of Singapore

Wills and Kate attending a state dinner hosted by Singapore 
President. Kate is seen in purple and cream dress by
Singaporean designer Prabal Gurung. 
Photo Credit:
Sept. 12 Singapore: Beginning with a visit to the gardens by the Bay, William and Kate will climb the area's artificial mountain. From there, they will plant a tree at the Colonial Garden. ( Check some pictures of their visit)

Wills and Kate seen at the 'rain mountain' dome walk at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Photo (R) by: Samir Hussein/ WireImage. The Duchess of Cambridge is seen looking cool in the Alexander McQueen Broderie Anglaise suit. Photo (L) Getty Images.

Next, they'll tour the Rolls Royce aircraft engine factory in Seletar, where they'll unveil the first operational engine produced there.

Duchess flexes her biceps after pushing in the last blade of
a Rolls-Royce wide chord fan blade during her tour of the
Rolls-Royce Seletar Campus in Singapore. Photo Credit:
Bryan Van der Beek
The day will also consist of a visit to the Rainbow Center school for children with special needs, ending with a reception at Eden Hall, the British High Commissioner's residence. 

The Duchess chats with students and teachers during an art 
therapy session at the Rainbow Centre for children  with
special needs, at the centre's Margaret Drive school  in 
Singapore. Photo Credit: Reuters

After the morning’s activities the Duke and Duchess will also be visiting Queenstown, the first government housing estate built in Singapore, which is named after Her Majesty.

Duke and Duchess visiting Queenstown,
first govt. housing estate built in Singapore
Photo: Rebecca English/Daily Mail Twitter

The day (Sept. 13) will begin by laying of a wreath at the Commonwealth graves of war heroes at the Kranji War Memorial after which Will and Kate will be flying off to Malaysia.

Wills and Kate at the Kranji War Memorial 
in Singapore. Photo Credit: Rex Features

Prince William and Kate arrive at a
British Gala reception at the Eden
Hall in Singapore. Photo: AP  

Wills & Kate raise a toast of  water in honor of Queen Elisabeth
whose Diamond Jubilee was celebrated at a British Gala 
reception at the Eden Hall in Singapore 
Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Sept. 13 Malaysia

• On reaching Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Wills and Kate to attend a luncheon hosted by the Prime Minister in his official residence. Next is a visit to Hospis Malaysia. There Wills and Kate will unveil a plaque and meet with children and adults living in the center. Dinner will be hosted by His Majesty, The Agong, at his official residence. 

The Hospis Malaysia which will be visited by the Duke and 
Duchess of Cambridge Photo Credit:

Will and Kate attending a lavish dinner hosted by the 
head of state of Malaysia. The venue is the majestic 
Istana Negara Palace in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
Photo Credit: Splash News

 Sept. 14 Malaysia

• William and Kate's adventures will begin with a cultural event featuring music at Kuala Lumpur Park, followed by a lunch as the guests of honor, hosted by the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce. 

Wills and Kate heading to the KLCC Park.  
Photo: Carly Watson/ITV Twitter Feed

Next, they'll attend a Diamond Jubilee tea party hosted by the British High Commissioner and his wife at their residence. 

Duchess Kate smiling as she drinks a cup of
 tea at the tea party hosted by British High
Commission in Kuala Lumpur. Photo: PA

Royal pair heading down the red carpet
towards a waiting Boeing 737-800 jet at
Kuala Lumpur airport. Photo: Ian Jones

The day will conclude with a travel to Kota Kinabalu, in Sabah, Malaysia, for a reception in their honor.

The tourist destination of Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of
 Sabah, Malaysia  Photo Credit:
Sept. 15 Malaysia

• A helicopter ride to Danum Valley will start the day, with William and Kate having a chance to meet royal society scientists and volunteers. They'll also get to spend some alone time together at a nearby lodge, for a private lunch.

The scenic Danum valley in Sabah, Malaysia where Will &
 Kate will be staying. Photo:
Sept. 16 Solomon Islands

• For their next destination, William and Kate will travel to Honiara, in the Solomon Islands. There they will head to the Church of Melanesia cathedral in an open-topped vehicle and take in a service dedicated to the Queen. At night, the royal couple will attend an island feast, hosted by the Governor-General at his official residence. 

Side view of Honiara, Solomon Islands with 
sea as backdrop. Photo:  ©IR Stehbens
Sept. 17 Solomon Islands

• This is the first time the couple will spend any significant time apart. The Duke will award six Duke of Edinburgh gold awards to Solomon Islanders and one from Vanuatu. Meanwhile, the Duchess will attend a reception for Solomon Islands women's groups. The pair will reunite to travel to a memorial in Honiara, then attend a lunch reception hosted by the Prime Minister in aid of Solomon Islands charities. Next, the duo flies to Marau, where they'll take a boat to the island of Marapa to visit a village before traveling to Tavanipupu. In Tavanipupu, the lovebirds will get to spend a private night together at a beautiful resort hotel. 

Will and Kate's South Pacific Island getaway at Tavanipupu 
resort hotel.
Sept. 18 Solomon Islands and Tuvalu

• Traveling back to Honiara and then to Tuvalu, the royal pair will be taken straight to a welcoming ceremony, where the Duke will give a speech on behalf of the Queen to her people in Tuvalu. They will then travel around Funafuti Island, where they will visit schools and peek at a coconut tree planted by the Queen during her 1982 visit. 

Funafuti Islands in Tuvalu Photo:
Next, they will watch a canoe race and a local ballgame. Nighttime activities include a traditional dinner hosted by the Governor-General. Resting in the area overnight, the couple will be the first member of the royal family to sleep over on an island of Tuvalu. 

Residents of the Tuvalu Islands Photo:
Sept. 19 Tuvalu

On their final day of the trip, the pair leave Tuvalu for London with a brief change of planes in Brisbane.

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Prince Harry vows to ‘take care’ of Duchess Kate if anything happens to Wills

While there has been widespread speculation in the media about Harry being the third wheel in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s marriage, fact is the trio share an amazing bonding with each other. 

William looks on as Kate and Harry chat during the
Show Jumping Eventing Equestrian. Credit: Pascal
Le Segretain/Getty Images
To the outside world three may seem like a ‘crowd’ and Prince Harry, 28 might look like playing the ‘eternal gooseberry’ when he is seen going on public engagements with elder brother Prince William and Duchess Kate.

However, according to palace sources nothing could be far from reality. In fact the royal threesome are believed to be so close to each other that William has even told his younger sibling to "take care" of his wife if anything, God forbid, should ever happen to him.

Although even before the royal wedding, Kate and Harry shared a close relationship; their closeness has increased ever since the former Kate Middleton officially became a royal after her wedding to Prince William.

Kate and Harry chat, while William watches action at
the Equestrian get-together  Photo Credit: Pascal Le 
Segretain / Getty Images
Now their close rapport has been confirmed when the Duchess of Cambridge, 30 even accompanied Harry sans hubby William, 30 to the Olympic Closing Ceremony, where the former was representing Queen Elizabeth.

The grapevine has always been buzzing with gossip that Harry is coming in the way of Wills and Kate’s marital bliss and that there is more to their relationship than meets the eye. However, sources claim it couldn't be further from the truth.

It is Prince William himself who wants them to be as close as possible as he has a sensible reason for it. Presently the future King of Britain is working as an RAF Search and Rescue pilot in Angelsey.

While his job may not exactly be as risky as in the case of him serving in the frontiers, William wants to ensure that in the event of anything serious happening to him, he wants Harry to be around to take care of wife Kate.

Kate and Harry enjoying Britain's gold medal victory at
the Olympic Velodrome, while William appears pensive
Photo Credit: Alpha Press
A source told Now magazine: "Even though Wills knows that Kate has a fairly large family, he asked Harry if he'd look after Kate if anything was to happen to him … Harry didn't hesitate to oblige as he'll do anything for William and Kate."  

Apparently in a poignant sign of family loyalty, Harry made the above ultimate promise to Wills just days before the Royal Wedding.  This touching tribute clearly shows the depth of loyalty between the two brothers and Duchess Kate and how she has been instrumental in bringing them even closer together.

In fact royal watchers may even recall that when William and Kate got married last year, Harry made a stirring speech in which he called Kate the sister he never had. According to one source after the engagement, the prince had said: “I always wished for a sister and now I have one.”

Also since the royal wedding Harry was just as instrumental as William in helping Kate settle into Royal life, especially when Wills was away on a six-week tour-of-duty in the Falklands in February and Kate had no one else her age to turn to.

William, Kate amd Harry talking during the Show Jumping 
Eventing  Equestrian at the London 2012 Olympic Games. 
Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
However, this sympathetic feeling is not one-sided with the Duchess equally fond of her brother-in-law. Reportedly Kate Middleton shares such a close bond with Prince William's little brother Harry, that she has appointed herself his matchmaker. She is reportedly searching for a girl for Harry especially after his failed romance with long term girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

Source: Magazine

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Wills & Kate try to save royal reputation after Harry's nude fiasco

In the wake of Prince Harry’s nude fiasco in Las Vegas, the royal family think-tank has apparently brought in some solid royal reinforcements in the form of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to salvage their now tainted royal status.

Prince Harry's Las Vegas fiasco (Credit NY Daily News)
Following Prince Harry’s infamous nude photo-scandal, Will and Kate are understood to be "pulling out all the stops" to jack up the reputation of the royal family. Already elder royals are apprehensive about the possible fallout of the Harry scandal on the family’s bonding with the public, opines Grazia magazine.

Against this dilemma, who better than the well-loved, blemish-less pair of Will and Kate to make an attempt at salvaging the messy situation that Prince Harry has gotten the British royalty into? The latter have therefore decided that Will and Kate are best placed to set right the tacky issue at hand.

Till date, after their grand wedding last year, Will and Kate have been the epitomes of grace and dignity in public. With their jaunt at the Paralympic Games and their royal world tour later this month the royal pair will be in public glare quite a lot. This time the royal aides are hoping there will be no untoward incident abroad, which if it happens will be too much for the royals to take anymore.

Grazia magazine quoting a royal source reported: "The onus is on Kate and William to pull out all the stops now, because the Harry situation has rapidly turned into a full-blown crisis." As it is it will take a long time to revamp the bad deed done by Prince Harry, opines the source.

"He was away for less than a fortnight, but in that time he's set the royals back at least six months. That's how long they reckon it will take to salvage the reputational damage he's done," bemoaned the same source.

As has been widely reported Dirty Harry has had his share of supporters in celebrities and army buddies who hailed him as a hero, but that didn’t spare him from sharp censure from his elder brother Prince William who apparently had some stern words for him in private.

However, Harry was really lucky to have the unstinting support from his sister-in-law Kate Middleton. The source discloses, it was Catherine who stepped in to stop hubby from being too harsh on the gullible 27-year-old.

The source said: "Nobody is more critical of Harry than himself and they can't stay mad at him when he's so upset. Kate's rallying support from Harry's friends … She chooses to believe Harry was set up. Basically, the view is that his kindhearted generosity makes him easy prey for these sort of people. Kate's also worried that Harry has become withdrawn."

Well, didn’t one say before that only a wise Capricorn can truly understand the feelings of sensitive Virgo and vice-versa? Harry is awfully lucky to have a sis-in-law like Duchess Kate, hopefully one day he will return the favor, make no mistake. 


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kate Middleton named ‘Britain’s Best Smiler’ - Victoria Beckham the worst

The lovely wife of Britain’s Prince William, Duchess of Cambridge has been lauded for her undeniable charm, her exquisite dressing style, her amicable nature and her ability to get along with people of all strata of society despite her being a royal. Now a new title has been added to her vast repertoire of talents.

The former Kate Middleton has been named ‘Britain’s Best Smiler.’ A truly well deserved honor considering that nearly every photograph or video of the Duchess showcases her genuine smile, the warmth clearly apparent in her twinkling eyes.

Duchess Kate's gorgeous smile

The tall statuesque brunette has the kind of magnetic personality that wherever she goes be it a charity gala or sports event or any public engagement, she invariably makes heads turn towards her in awe. The crowds cannot seem to get enough of the tall English ‘Rose’, with thick glossy tresses and a flawless glowing complexion.

The latest survey conducted by ecigarettedirect asked voters who among the celebrities they believed had the most perfect smile. They were also asked to name the famous personalities who they thought looked least attractive when they grinned.

The respondents this time voted for the much loved Duchess of Cambridge as ‘Britain’s Best Smiler.’ Her pearly whites thus getting the attention it truly deserves. Apparently, Catherine’s easy-going smile during the Olympics and Paralympics ceremonies sealed her place in nearly every Brit’s hearts.

According to The Daily Mail Catherine clinched the top spot in the poll, with the famed TV presenter Holly Willoughby placed a close second. Kim Kardashian was placed at third spot. David Beckham and X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos were placed fourth and fifth respectively.

This is not the only time Duchess Kate spontaneous, heartwarming smile has won her to place in dentistry polls. In a survey conducted in May this year by a leading British healthcare group - The Bupa Dental Services, Kate topped the dental survey, being the recipient of the best celebrity smile. This kind of title will definitely not be the last, as the Duchess’s fame continues to burgeon with the public.

An important lesson gleaned if any from this poll will be for Victoria Beckham who at-least may now make an effort to smile more often. The fashion designer has been named ‘Britain’s Worst Smiler’ in the poll. However, a small consolation for her is that hubby David Beckham has been named fourth best ‘celebrity smiler’ in Britain. Simon Cowell came in second with the dubious title of worst smiler.

According to ecigarettedirect survey spokesman, a good smile was a real asset for any person. He informed 'Almost everyone we asked agreed that Holly Willoughby and Kate Middleton had the most beautiful, natural smiles. It really was a two horse race with Kim Kardashian coming in third a long way behind the two leaders.’

However, in a veiled indictment of Victoria Beckham, he said that nearly everyone viewed the fashion designer’s pout with suspicion. ‘It seems we don’t trust a person who refuses to bare their teeth when they smile,’ he opined.

Check out the list of winners and losers below:


1. Duchess of Cambridge
2. Holly Willoughby
3. Kim Kardashian
4. David Beckham
5. Tulisa


1. Victoria Beckham
2. Simon Cowell
3. Katie Price
4. Amy Childs
5. Louis Walsh

Sources: Mail