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Friday, September 7, 2012

Wills & Kate try to save royal reputation after Harry's nude fiasco

In the wake of Prince Harry’s nude fiasco in Las Vegas, the royal family think-tank has apparently brought in some solid royal reinforcements in the form of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to salvage their now tainted royal status.

Prince Harry's Las Vegas fiasco (Credit NY Daily News)
Following Prince Harry’s infamous nude photo-scandal, Will and Kate are understood to be "pulling out all the stops" to jack up the reputation of the royal family. Already elder royals are apprehensive about the possible fallout of the Harry scandal on the family’s bonding with the public, opines Grazia magazine.

Against this dilemma, who better than the well-loved, blemish-less pair of Will and Kate to make an attempt at salvaging the messy situation that Prince Harry has gotten the British royalty into? The latter have therefore decided that Will and Kate are best placed to set right the tacky issue at hand.

Till date, after their grand wedding last year, Will and Kate have been the epitomes of grace and dignity in public. With their jaunt at the Paralympic Games and their royal world tour later this month the royal pair will be in public glare quite a lot. This time the royal aides are hoping there will be no untoward incident abroad, which if it happens will be too much for the royals to take anymore.

Grazia magazine quoting a royal source reported: "The onus is on Kate and William to pull out all the stops now, because the Harry situation has rapidly turned into a full-blown crisis." As it is it will take a long time to revamp the bad deed done by Prince Harry, opines the source.

"He was away for less than a fortnight, but in that time he's set the royals back at least six months. That's how long they reckon it will take to salvage the reputational damage he's done," bemoaned the same source.

As has been widely reported Dirty Harry has had his share of supporters in celebrities and army buddies who hailed him as a hero, but that didn’t spare him from sharp censure from his elder brother Prince William who apparently had some stern words for him in private.

However, Harry was really lucky to have the unstinting support from his sister-in-law Kate Middleton. The source discloses, it was Catherine who stepped in to stop hubby from being too harsh on the gullible 27-year-old.

The source said: "Nobody is more critical of Harry than himself and they can't stay mad at him when he's so upset. Kate's rallying support from Harry's friends … She chooses to believe Harry was set up. Basically, the view is that his kindhearted generosity makes him easy prey for these sort of people. Kate's also worried that Harry has become withdrawn."

Well, didn’t one say before that only a wise Capricorn can truly understand the feelings of sensitive Virgo and vice-versa? Harry is awfully lucky to have a sis-in-law like Duchess Kate, hopefully one day he will return the favor, make no mistake. 


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