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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kate Middleton’s super ‘half-up, half-down’ hair style – Do check the demo

World over Duchess Catherine in addition to her demeanor, is famous for her voluminous glossy tresses. Many women out there must be dying to replicate some of Kate Middleton's hairstyles.

Well, here is one way to go about it, especially Duchess Kate’s half-up, half-down hairdo. This neat and prim hair style of Prince William's spouse, which shows off her gorgeous mane to perfection, is truly a style worth emulating.

Kate's super half-up, half-down hairstyle
Moreover, its one hairdo that fits beautifully below the assortment of lovely hats and fascinators that Duchess Kate dons for official engagements. A case in point is the eye-catching fire-engine red headpiece which she wore at the famous Diamond Jubilee pageant.

Also the said hair style is a classic blend of demure and daring. It gives Kate enough space to flaunt her feminine side, while remaining understated and chic at the same time.

For all those myriad of fans of Duchess Kate’s hairstyle and wishing to recreate a similar eye-catching fashion help is at hand.

Richard Ward, celebrity hair-stylist has given a step-by-step demonstration.

Richard says: This style is a great way for those with thick, luscious locks to show off their healthy mane … And it's a simple style to recreate," he adds.

Source: Hello Magazine

Duchess Kate plans on sleeping over London streets (Update)

Very few celebrities in the world would have agreed to this heart-warming gesture, but then the Duchess of Cambridge has always been different. According to latest reports, the former Kate Middleton, has agreed to swap for one night the luxury of Kensington Palace for the dark chilly streets of London.

The 30-year-old brunette, who is no stranger to hardship, would be participating in a rough-sleeping night to draw attention to the difficulties faced by the homeless in London. The event called Sleep Out is conducted by the charity for homeless Centrepoint.

British TV star Lisa Maxwell, 48 is the ambassador at Centrepoint of which Prince William is also a patron, just as his late mother Princess Diana was before him. The star panelist on the daytime Talk show ‘Loose Woman,’ will be joining Duchess Kate when they bed down for one night as part of a Sleep Out campaign in the capital city.

Lisa Maxwell says it didn't take much arm-twisting to convince the soft-hearted Duchess to get involved. Catherine it seems promised Lisa that she was ready to sleep rough the next time the ‘Loose Woman’ Star takes part in the campaign to highlight the plight of the rising number of destitute people in London.

'I work with Centrepoint and William's our patron. We had a little do and they both came down,’ Maxwell told the Daily Mirror newspaper. ‘She asked me about sleeping out, so I said, 'Next time I do it, you're doing it with me. No excuses, he's done it.' She said, 'You're on'.' It was as simple as that.

It may be noted that the Duke of Cambridge had participated in an earlier rough-sleeping night three years ago around Christmas time. William had lain down on a bed for the night close to some garbage bins near London's Blackfriars Bridge. The highpoint of that sleep out was that the Prince was nearly run over by a road sweeper that evening in 2009.

Writing on the Centrepoint website, Centrepoint chief executive Seyi, who too was with Prince William at that time revealed: “He was determined to do it as [Centrepoint] patron to raise awareness of the problem and to be able to understand a little better what rough sleepers go through.”

St James' Palace spokesperson had read out an official statement at the time: 'Prince William took away from the experience the importance of tackling all the issues that cause people to be homeless and stay homeless, from drug dependency to mental health problems.'

Source: Daily Mirror

Brad Pitt shells out thousands of pounds for a William and Kate painting

The whole world is bedazzled by the golden couple of Britain - Prince William and Kate Middleton. And now it looks like even Hollywood has fallen flat for their charms.

Superstar Brad Pitt is said to have splurged thousands of pounds just to own a portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their engagement. 

This is against the backdrop of rumors that William and Kate have been invited to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Olympic party this summer.  

Reportedly, for the Oceans Eleven star Brad it was love at first sight, seeing the stencil on canvas version of the celebrated engagement photograph of Prince William and Kate. 

Stenciled portrait of Will and Kate purchased 
by actor Brad Pitt Image: Marie Claire
The black and white portrait, the handiwork of Islington graffiti artist Bambi, shows the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge smiling for the cameras with their arms linked, with the words ‘A bit like Marmite’ scribbled across.

Brad Pitt, 49 a “serious art collector” is said to have instantly decided on making the piece of art a part of his own collection, shelling out thousands in the bargain for the same.

The stenciled portrait had been on display at a gallery at the corner of Offord Road and Liverpool Road, Barnsbury. It had become a massive hit with tourists, who had loved the handsome royal couple Wills and Kate.

The movie star, who currently resides in UK with his partner Angelina Jolie and kids, seems to have developed a love for British culture and the Royal family.

In addition to William and Kate portrait, Brad also reportedly picked up a portrait of Queen Elizabeth and one of the late R&B/soul artists, Amy Winehouse from the same painter.

And the three pieces of art didn’t come cheap, with Brad reported to have paid a staggering £60,000 for it, which have since been shipped to his LA home

It has now come to the fore that earlier this year Brad and Angelina absolutely loved Will and Kate’s magnificent Royal Wedding.

Brangelina planning on having some themes 
of Will & Kate’s Royal Wedding at their own 
nuptials Image: Getty
Apparently they are taking inspiration from the royal event for their very own nuptials later this year. Particularly, Angelina Jolie is said to be “fascinated” by the young couple.

While the Hollywood couple Brad and Angelina will be having a much smaller, more private affair they want to include some themes from the grand royal wedding into their own nuptials.

“Angie is fascinated by Kate, and like the rest of the world she fell in love with her and William when she watched their wedding on TV with Brad and the kids,” a source told Star magazine.

The same source adds: “She would never make her own wedding public and wants a private event on a much smaller scale. But she loved the Britishness of Kate and William’s big day and wants to incorporate some of those very traditional elements into her own ceremony.”

Source: Marie

Will and Kate’s portrait by Bambi bought by 
Brad Pitt for thousands of pounds.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Having a dresser is ‘pointless and extravagant’ believes Kate Middleton

No matter what her critics may say about the Duchess of Cambridge splurging on clothes and accessories, the fact remains Catherine does all in her power to not misuse her royal position and spend on personal grooming lavishly.

So much so that even having her own dresser is considered superfluous and ‘extravagant’ by the down-to-earth Duchess Kate.

The pragmatic 30-year-old royal, who is married to the Duke of Cambridge Prince William, does not think she requires someone at hand to help her to get dressed.

The reason is not very far to seek as the ever elegant tall brunette knows exactly what suits her perfectly. 'Catherine has an innate sense of style and, almost as importantly, knows what is appropriate for the occasion,’ opines a source.

Apparently Duchess Kate is not finicky in her choice of designers; however, notwithstanding that fact she knows how to dress nattily. 'She might not choose the most cutting edge designers, but she know what looks good on her and that's what counts,’ says the same source.

The source then goes on to reveal that Duchess Kate is intensely aware of the fact that she is not as yet a ‘full-time working royal.’ And ‘feels it is .pretty pointless, as well as extravagant, to have her own dresser,' adds the source.

Duchess Catherine, the former Kate Middleton daughter of self-made millionaires Michael and Carole Middleton, was recently lauded by no less than late Princess Diana's wedding gown designer for her prudent attitude.

Photographs are splashed all over the media showing the Duchess wearing either recycled dresses or in clothes picked from Britain’s high street. An admiring Elizabeth Emanuel had said it is terrific that Duchess Catherine's dresses are easily accessible to even the women on the street.

'She (Kate) wears clothes an ordinary girl can buy and that's the first time a royal has really done that, which is brilliant,' had gushed Emanuel.


Prince Harry depends on Duchess Kate as his search for wife continues

Lately at royal events Prince Harry for all that happy-go-lucky demeanor, has been looking a bit lonesome. Especially, after seeing his elder brother Prince William blissfully married to Kate Middleton.

But at the same time it seems Prince Harry is happy, his sister-in-law happens to be Duchess Kate, who is there for him always, giving him her support. In fact, the two-some share a fabulous chemistry, so much so that they are said to be in cahoots with each other.

No one will ever catch Prince Harry calling 30-year-old Kate Middleton his sister-in-law. A source tells Us Weekly: "As he puts it, the 'in-law' part isn't necessary when he's describing her. He sees her more like a sister."

After sharing a turbulent five-year liaison with the love of his life Chelsy Davy, the younger royal is currently single. After splitting with her, the 27-year-old has been leaning more and more on the Duchess of Cambridge. In fact he looks on Catherine as the sister ‘he never had’. “He often turns to her for advice -- they've always been close," reveals the same source.

While Prince William is being trained to take on more responsibilities as the future King of England, Prince Harry on the other hand, without that added burden is able to keep things light even on state occasions, turning his mischievous eye on sis-in-law. Both Kate and Harry belong to the earth element of the zodiac signs, Capricorn and Virgo respectively.

Its natural, the two-some are as thick as thieves, with the cheeky Harry sometimes pulling Kate’s legs and seeing her burst into fits of giggle. "She loves his sense of humor," says the source. "He makes her crack up all the time, even when it's not appropriate," he adds.

While Harry may be enjoying showing his silly side to another buddy, its time he got himself hitched. For all the attention he showers on Catherine and depends on her, it’s clear he yearns for the same kind of bonding that his brother William shares with Kate.

Just earlier this year, Harry opened his heart to reveal that it isn’t easy as it seems to date a girl due to the sacrifices and public duties that will inevitably entail due to being a Prince.

In an interview on US TV referring to royal life, he said: “I'm not so much searching for someone to fulfill the role, but obviously, you know, finding someone who would be willing to take it on”.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Prince William loves making “romantic gestures” towards wife Kate

Here is a bit of news to warm the cockles of all ‘romantics’ at heart. The Duke of Cambridge is a romantic too, and thinks ‘romance is important’ in his marriage to Duchess Catherine.

Wills & Kate the so-much-in-love couple
The royal duo who tied the knot after an eight-year long courtship in April last year, live a quiet, private life at their cottage in Anglesey, North Wales.

Now friends of the couple have revealed that Prince William has a deep romantic side to him and loves to surprise or sometimes treat his wife when they're together.

A source told Us Weekly: 'William believes romance is important. He's not cheesy but he does like to make romantic gestures.'

Last year has been spent by the young royal couple visiting nations across the globe as part of the Queen’s diamond jubilee year, in the bargain even amassing a huge fan following worldwide.

However once they are at home base in Anglesey or in London the couple lead a more normal and down-to-earth existence as any other couples.

US Weekly reporting about William and Kate’s typical day informs that Catherine generally starts her day in the British capital with an early morning jog around Kensington Palace grounds with in all probability her guards and her dog Lupo.

This is followed by a healthy breakfast which most of the time she herself rustles up, after which she goes through the latest charity reports and her public schedules for the day.

After which she will dress up and attend the scheduled public engagement and if time permits, will fit in a hair appointment. The evenings are spent leisurely either at home or in the company of her sibling Pippa Middleton.

A source giving a peep into William and Kate’s routine life said: "If William is not in London, she'll (Kate) spend time with Pippa, who comes for a visit when they're both free."

Meanwhile, Prince William spends a typical day in Anglesey flying helicopters with the RAF. At 7 am he has his breakfast with the officers, after which he begins responding to any search-and-rescue calls. As a captain it’s his job to ensure his team is in the air within 15 minutes.

The Duke of Cambridge’s afternoons consists of a short lunch, followed by carrying out of any other duties with his squadron. As any working husband, he returns home to his spouse Catherine the next morning after sleeping overnight at the RAF base.

A press officer added: "Kate is a (typical) military wife, supporting her husband whenever possible."

Source: Belfast

Want Duchess Kate’s ‘Scouse brows’ – Use eye shadow powder worth just £15

If you happen to be a Royal who lives as glamorous a life as the Duchess of Cambridge, then naturally everything about you comes under a microscope, including your eyebrows.

Duchess Kate's famed 'Scouse brows'
For some time now the Duchess Catherine who earlier had trimmed thin eyebrows has been seen sporting fully defined eyebrows. Kate having dark lush brows dubbed the ‘Scouse brows’ has resulted in most women all over the country trotting off to the nearest brow bar in a bid to emulate their future queen.

Rumors have been making the rounds whether Kate’s eyebrows have been tinted or tattooed or threaded or tweezed and tidied to perfection. Well, it is none of these actually, as the secret of Kate Middleton’s trademark ‘Scouse brows’ have now been revealed.

The famously ‘thrifty’ spouse of Prince William is said to shell out a modest £15.50 for an eye-shadow powder to attain the thick bushy look. Duchess Kate has gone for swapping eye pencils for eye-shadows, a new beauty trend that several fashion bloggers had been advocating much earlier.

Catherine is a regular visitor to make-up artist Bobbi Brown’s counter at the Peter Jones store in Sloane Square, London. She has learnt to use their eye-shadows’ as a natural looking eyebrow filler.

Apparently, Kate has for long been worried about her sparse, slightly fair and patchy eye-brows. The staff at Bobbi Brown then showed her how to apply a deep brown shadow shade called ‘saddle’ with a slanted make-up brush to ‘fill in’ her sparse brows.

Duchess Kate is said to be thrilled with her new Look believing that the thick brow frames her face, making her small eyes to stand out. But, despite her happiness with her more luxuriant brows, there has been mixed reaction to it from the public.

Some opine that the makeover has left her brows too heavy for her face, while others have compared her to the cast of the reality show - The Only Way Is Essex emulating the infamous dark, bold ‘Scouse brow’ sported by Coleen Rooney and other stars of the series.

Duchess Kate has purchased an £18 lipstick called 'sandwich tulle' from the affordable cosmetics range, and even invested in a top secret 'three step' anti-wrinkle set. This contains a £28 eye cream, a £17 facial corrector and a £23 pot of concealer. The total cost of which is said to be £116.50.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail quoting an insider said: ‘In her position she has to look good and can’t be seen at posh events touching up her make-up … She said she has a lot of events coming up and wanted to look her best during a big tour of the South Pacific she has later this year.’

Source: Entertainment Wise

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

‘Thrifty’ Duchess Kate extolled by designer Elizabeth Emanuel

While according to latest reports, the Duchess of Cambridge is understood to have splurged more than £35,000 on clothes since the beginning of 2012, paid off by her father-in-law Prince Charles, Elizabeth Emanuel does not seem to think so.

The designer of Princess Diana’s famous wedding dress, Elizabeth Emanuel believes that Duchess Catherine ought to be admired for her thriftiness and making so-called commoners feel that they too can afford dresses worn by royals.

Speaking to Mandrake of the Daily Telegraph, Emmanuel says that the Duchess has paved the way for a new look Royal by her choice of wardrobe and dress code.

Lovely Kate in Elizabeth Emanuel creation sketch
Credit: Angelamalickievents
“She wears clothes an ordinary girl can buy and that’s the first time a Royal has really done that, which is brilliant,” declares an appreciative Emanuel.

The 58-year-old designer pooh-poohed critics from the fashion world as being misguided for carping that the Duchess of Cambridge dresses too conventionally or conservatively.

Supporting Duchess Kate’s fashion choices as also approving her style of recycling dresses, Emanuel says: “She doesn’t need to be edgy … Everybody can look at her and go 'I can wear that.’ She’s paving the way for new Royals,” Emanuel adds.

Source: Daily

Duchess Kate scintillates in Roland Mouret’s leg-flashing dress

When Kate Middleton flashed one of her perfect legs in a high-slit dress for the first time since she became the Duchess of Cambridge, the world let out a loud gasp. She had managed to give even the original diva – the gorgeous Angelina Jolie a run for her money in that flowing dress, all thanks to one virtuoso creator called Roland Mouret.

Wills and Kate arrive for a dinner hosted
by The Thirty Club at Claridges. Duchess
seen in high-slit Roland Mouret dress. 
Credit: Samir Hussein/
Speaking about the full-length cream evening gown which Duchess Kate wore for the classy event at Claridges in Mayfair, London in May 2012; the French designer says: 'I think it was quite fantastic that there was a split up the front.”

According to Mouret, ‘that picture of a women’ when one gets to see only a tantalizing glimpse of her leg, which is precisely what people want to see. ‘It is that notion of privacy,’ avers Mouret.

Mouret also believes it should be something meant only for a husband’s eyes, however, a woman just shows a wee bit for others. ‘I think that is one of the more amazing moments of life. You feel happy when you see that. It was not too much. It was with a lot of respect. Yes, I think I did… quite well,' self-pats Mouret a pleased designer.

Well, seeing the tremendous response the dress received, Monsieur Mouret, indeed managed to do it. Speaking to Kate Finnigan in the latest issue of Stella, Mouret discloses that he visualized the dress with Kate in mind and goes on to gush: 'She's a fantastic person to work with. She's a woman of her time.'

Eulogizing Duchess Kate, Mouret says. 'She's very aware of her position and she's a really nice person. She's human. It's really nice to work with someone in her position. It's… historic, yes.' Well, looks like another designer has fallen flat for the famed Duchess charisma.

Royal fans would love the very idea of this dashing Frenchman sketching his stylish creations while fashionista Catherine with her eye for detail and elegance will ensure that the slit does not go too high. A magical combo there!!!

In addition to being an expert on female shapely wardrobes, the handsome Frenchman also happens to be a kind of red carpet coach, training his A-list ladies on how to perfect the art. He says: 'It's a one-to-one relationship with a woman where you help them to communicate something about themselves'

Further he adds: 'As a man I try to put them less in danger because a bad picture sell more than a good picture. But I don't put them in… armour. It is still them. You give power to the person by saying, "You are a powerful person; the dress is just going to be there, but you are so powerful."'

Royal watchers will for sure endorse that the Duchess of Cambridge, in the RM gown at the Claridges classy event must have felt nothing less than queenly.

Ever since Mouret’s spring collection 2006 was launched with the ‘Galaxy’ dresses, the 51-year-old Frenchman has become famous as a women’s designer, someone whom they can trust implicitly.

His high-profile clients’ right from Scarlett Johansson to Duchess Catherine, who regularly have to attend public events and want their body to do the talking tastefully and classily; have all realized that they would be better off putting themselves in this man's adept hands.

Source: Grazia Daily

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Duchess Kate ordered to curtsy before ‘blood princesses’ by Queen Elizabeth

As per the newly updated ‘Order of Precedence,’ it has been ordained that the Duchess of Cambridge, as a former commoner Kate Middleton must curtsy before so-called 'blood princesses' whenever Prince William is not accompanying her, informs reports.

It’s Queen Elizabeth’s decision that when Duchess Kate isn't with her husband she must curtsy to the Princess Annie, Princess Alexandra (the Queen’s cousin) and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie (the daughters of the Duke of York), both in public and private.

In a document on new protocols, apparently, circulated privately in the royal household, when Prince William is not present, Duchess Kate’s rank falls within the royal family. Hence she must show reverence to other family members, as per new order.

It may be noted that when Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005, the ‘Order of Precedence’ was last updated. At that point the Sophie, the Countess of Wessex was reported to be upset that she was made to curtsy to Camilla. A senior courtier was quoted as saying to the Daily Telegrah: “She didn’t like it one bit.”

The Earl of Wessex - Edward’s wife had previously been the second-highest ranking woman in the Royal family because neither of the Queen’s other sons, Charles and Prince Andrew, were married.

However, under the new rule, Duchess Kate still remains superior to Sophie, The Countess of Wessex, and hence the latter would have to curtsy to Catherine. Wonder how Sophie (former Sophie Helen née Rhys-Jones) will now take this new protocol.

Meanwhile, for Duchess Kate it’s mandatory as a royal that at all times, whether she is in Prince William’s company or not, she must curtsy to Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

While Royal observers believe Duchess Kate may not mind the new protocols as she is eager to please everyone in the royal household, Prince William may not be too happy at this revised decree for his better half.

Wonder what Brits will have to say about this unusual new ‘Order of Precedence’irrespective of age and seniority? Point is, must Duchess Kate be made to curtsy to Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie too?

Check: Video

Source: Marie Telegraph

Kate’s 30th birthday gift to Wills – Exhilarating sea ‘doughnut’ ride

The Duke of Cambridge reportedly celebrated his 30th birthday last week (21 June) by being dragged in a rubber ring behind a speed boat across freezing Irish seas, close to his Welsh home.

The water-sport gift was the brainwave of his brunette wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, 30, who had booked the boat several weeks in advance hoping that the weather would be conducive for the high-thrill sport, it was claimed.

However, much to Duchess Kate’s chagrin, Prince William was pulled behind the cruiser in chilly weather with pouring rainfall and bitter winds, resulting in him being “soaked to the skin”.

Chilly weather or not, the gutsy Duke, insisted on braving the inclement weather conditions and going ahead to take on the sea at Anglesey, North Wales. It was indeed a sight to behold with the tall Prince bouncing through the waves.

The audience being Duchess Kate, Prince Harry and a small bunch of his closest pals are said to have “roared with laughter” seeing the unlikely sight of the future King of England take on the waves.

Prince William’s dozen-strong close coterie included his lifelong and closest buddies Thomas van Straubenzee, Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and David Jardine Paterson. The laughing bunch had a great time, with at one point the Duke losing his grip over the “doughnut” ring and being tossed into the sea, reported The Sun.

"For most 30-year-olds who have just inherited £10 million, the last thing they would want to do is freeze themselves on a wet weekend in Wales. But this is typical of William," one source revealed to the newspaper.

After an adrenaline pounding session, drying himself off William and his clique then went back into a tiny rented cottage on the picturesque island, where hot home-cooked meal and drinks awaited the bunch, which undoubtedly was organized by his loving wife Duchess Kate.

During the weekend, the Queen gifted the Duke a cottage on the Sandringham Estate to mark his 30th birthday. The cottage on the sprawling 20,000 acre estate, however, will be made available to the couple later this year. Prince William is said to be delighted as it is the same location where he and Kate spent their first Christmas together as married couple.

Meanwhile, a source informed The Mail on Sunday newspaper: 'A property is definitely being made available to William and Kate this year and a plan is in place for William to have his own place on the estate…. He's a country boy and loves Norfolk, just like his father and his grandparents. It's a lovely peaceful place and William adores it.'

The Duke also received a handsome £15 million from his mother Diana’s estate for his 30th birthday. The windfall legacy has given rise to speculation that the Duke will be building a property in which he could raise a family.

However, a royal insider has clarified that there will be no obvious change in the Duke’s lifestyle over the coming weeks or months. Meanwhile, according to St. James aides, Prince William ushered in his birthday in a low-key and private manner.

Source: The Telegraph

Monday, June 25, 2012

Jigsaw looks forward to Duchess Catherine’s ‘Kate effect’ rubbing on it

Jigsaw, the British fashion chain which once employed the then Kate Middleton and the present Duchess of Cambridge, is hoping that a bit of her ‘royal magic’ rubs off on it.

Jigsaw fashion brand owners Val and John Robinson, who are family friends of the Middletons and even had the latter’s daughter as their staff member, are currently going through a major revamp.

To give the brand a princess appeal and experience the famed ‘Kate effect’ noticeable in various parts of the retail segment, Jigsaw has taken on board Barbara Horspool, a former creative director at Marks & Spencer.

In 2006, when Kate Middleton was employed at Jigsaw, she was described as a walking advert for the fashion brand, as she would regularly wear their cardigans, floral print skirts and dresses.

So now if the Duchess of Cambridge decides to wear Jigsaw's clothes, which she rarely does, the ailing company can expect a massive spurt in their sales. It may be noted Duchess Kate just by wearing the high street brand Reiss caused its profits to double last year.

Similarly, the Duchess after wearing Russell & Bromley Zipkin style knee-high boots (Pic) resulted in a whopping 663 per cent rise in sales for the footwear brand. Kate Middleton, is infact, credited with pumping up Britain's tottering economy by an astounding £1bn, states Mintel.

Such is the power of the ‘Kate effect’ that any outfit she chooses to wear flies off the shelf within days, and sometimes barely minutes. A fashion insider said: "It's noticeable that Kate used to work for Jigsaw but never wears their clothes. So this could be described as a Get Kate operation."

Detractors of the Jigsaw opine that it is no longer the fashion brand it used to be five years back and has become stale and outdated. But Karen Kay, fashion commentator and royal observer, thinks it’s ironic considering the fact that the Jigsaw owners are Middleton’s family friends.

Kay says: “I think it's the perfect brand for Kate at the moment. Jigsaw has well-made, nicely cut working-wardrobe clothes. They are perfect for her lifestyle. I'm surprised we don't see her in more of their clothes. The brand needs to re-excite their customers – it's like being in a long marriage – but if they aim for a younger customer they will alienate the Kates of this world."

Kay believes the ‘Kate effect’ makes Duchess Catherine "more than the Diana of her day". According to her Princess Diana was seen more in couture, whereas “Kate has made royal fashion accessible to everyone."

Giving credit to royal websites online, Kay says, with blogs giving updates on Duchess Kate outfits at royal engagements on a daily basis, has resulted in dresses being sold out almost instantly after being worn by the Duchess.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Brand Consultancy Adrian Day agrees that the power of Duchess of Cambridge’s endorsement cannot be overestimated. He says: "We see a four to seven-fold increase in sales … For little-known makes; the effect can be much more. (However) the better known the brand, the lesser the effect."

However, its not just the fashion arena that the Duchess has had an impact on, even St Andrews University where she and Prince William studied has become much more popular. According to Poppy Dinsey founder of ‘What I Wore Today’ (WIWT) Catherine always looks terrific and is a great ‘fashion inspiration’ for people decades older to her.

“People really respect her clothes considering her brief: she is a classy role model, and I think everyone wants her hair. She doesn't need to be wearing high-street brands, so does amazing work for the British high street,” opines Poppy.

Further Poppy says: "With the outfits she wears, she opens people's eyes to the style and quality, so Jigsaw would be a perfect English heritage brand. But I wouldn't want to wear her clothes. I struggle to know who is buying the clothes she wears – perhaps people who work in the City and need to look smart every day."


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kate Middleton said to be redesigning Kensington Palace

According to latest reports there are plans in the offing for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to shift residence to Kensington palace in London.

While undoubtedly Kate Middleton is now a royal, at the same time she is also a keen homemaker. Apparently the Duchess is interested in redesigning and renovating Kensington palace.

Kensington Palace – Wills and Kate’s home
Reportedly Kate and Will are planning on expanding their family pretty soon. Both of them are presently based in Anglesey, North Wales, where they even celebrated the Duke's birthday on Thursday, 21st June, 2012.

If Prince William, 30, chooses not to undertake another tour with the Royal Air Force, the royal pair will then officially make London their base. A source recently spoke to Us Weekly Magazine about Will and Kate’s proposed move to Kensington Palace.

According to the source in case there is a baby coming soon, "They'll want the extra space and security." Meanwhile, Catherine is said to be excited about redesigning the interiors of the apartment which once belonged to late Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon who passed away in 2002.

The source revealed: "She's keen to work with interior designer Kelly Hoppen … but she wants to do a lot herself." Structural work on the pad will kick off sometime this September.

This move makes practical sense too and is corroborated by what Prince William recently told Katie Couric that he's "keen to have a family." "This is why William has chosen not to share his future RAF work plans until next summer," the source goes on to explain. "If they're expecting, it will be full-time London for them," he added.

Meanwhile, the royal couple is rumored to be actively trying to have a baby. Royal watchers can rest assured, once Kate Middleton is three months pregnant, “The pregnancy will be announced. It won't be hidden," promised the insider to Us.

Source: US Magazine