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Friday, June 29, 2012

Prince Harry depends on Duchess Kate as his search for wife continues

Lately at royal events Prince Harry for all that happy-go-lucky demeanor, has been looking a bit lonesome. Especially, after seeing his elder brother Prince William blissfully married to Kate Middleton.

But at the same time it seems Prince Harry is happy, his sister-in-law happens to be Duchess Kate, who is there for him always, giving him her support. In fact, the two-some share a fabulous chemistry, so much so that they are said to be in cahoots with each other.

No one will ever catch Prince Harry calling 30-year-old Kate Middleton his sister-in-law. A source tells Us Weekly: "As he puts it, the 'in-law' part isn't necessary when he's describing her. He sees her more like a sister."

After sharing a turbulent five-year liaison with the love of his life Chelsy Davy, the younger royal is currently single. After splitting with her, the 27-year-old has been leaning more and more on the Duchess of Cambridge. In fact he looks on Catherine as the sister ‘he never had’. “He often turns to her for advice -- they've always been close," reveals the same source.

While Prince William is being trained to take on more responsibilities as the future King of England, Prince Harry on the other hand, without that added burden is able to keep things light even on state occasions, turning his mischievous eye on sis-in-law. Both Kate and Harry belong to the earth element of the zodiac signs, Capricorn and Virgo respectively.

Its natural, the two-some are as thick as thieves, with the cheeky Harry sometimes pulling Kate’s legs and seeing her burst into fits of giggle. "She loves his sense of humor," says the source. "He makes her crack up all the time, even when it's not appropriate," he adds.

While Harry may be enjoying showing his silly side to another buddy, its time he got himself hitched. For all the attention he showers on Catherine and depends on her, it’s clear he yearns for the same kind of bonding that his brother William shares with Kate.

Just earlier this year, Harry opened his heart to reveal that it isn’t easy as it seems to date a girl due to the sacrifices and public duties that will inevitably entail due to being a Prince.

In an interview on US TV referring to royal life, he said: “I'm not so much searching for someone to fulfill the role, but obviously, you know, finding someone who would be willing to take it on”.


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