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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Prince William coos lullabies to wife Kate Middleton’s baby bump - Cho chweet !!!

Royal baby !!!

The royal heir seen cuddling a 
newborn during a 2006 visit to
a London hospital. Credit: Tom 
Hevezi / AFP/Getty Images

First time to-be father Prince William is said to be over the moon about becoming a dad and now he has even started crooning lullabies and narrating bed-time tales to his unborn baby, discloses UK’s Now magazine.

A long-time friend of the royal couple says that William has gone completely “gaga” at the thought of becoming a dad. Apparently, the Duke of Cambridge read somewhere that one can begin taking to a baby when it’s in the womb.

“He’s taken the advice to heart – even though it’s not due until July. Kate thinks it’s adorable. He’s even been telling their bump some of the old stories his mum Princess Diana used to make up for him and Harry when they were kids,” revealed the close friend.

Whenever Prince William, 30 is relaxed and in the company of his close friends, he often starts whistling a little tune. Now this habit of his has been carried over and the doting father to be, has begun singing to his wife’s baby bump. Apparently, when he sang “Go To Sleep My Baby,” Kate was nearly in tears, discloses the friend.

Wills trying to be pals with a rosy-cheeked

tot during a New Zealand trip in 2005.

Image Credit: Dean Treml/Getty Images.
“It was so beautiful - a moment she says she’ll never forget. Now it’s become almost a daily ritual for Wills to chat to her bump and sing a lullaby or song. Once a rugby fan, Wills even crooned a couple of lines from the English anthem Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” says the friend. “Kate just rolled her eyes and groaned!” he added.

According to medical research a fetus starts hearing from 15 weeks and singing apparently can aid in its emotional and mental development. Kate Middleton is already around 18 weeks pregnant and what hubby Wills is doing is definitely good for both their baby.

William’s cute gesture is proving to be so effective that Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London has even set in motion UK’s first ‘womb song’ class two months ago. Kate, 31 has already unveiled her baby bump in the first of a series of royal engagements this week. She is already got back into the public glare after her and hubby Wills’ refreshing break in Mustique.

Wills and an obviously pregnant Kate on a beach in Mustique
Meanwhile, even as Wills and Kate are preparing for the arrival for their first born, papa Wills is determined to be a hands-on dad. Reportedly, he is learning some vital parenting skills like … hold your breath …. hanging diapers.

Says the family friend: “He’s even been checking out napping changing videos on Youtube.” Its no wonder then his prankster younger brother Prince Harry thinks the whole ideas as “hysterical” and “can’t stop making fun of him, but it’s all good spirited,” adds the friend.

By the look of things, seems like Prince William and his statuesque wife Duchess Catherine are well on their way to becoming picture-perfect parents to the much-awaited royal baby which is due in July this year. 

Source: Now Magazine/ 

Kate and Wills expecting Royal Baby