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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Duchess Kate scintillates in Roland Mouret’s leg-flashing dress

When Kate Middleton flashed one of her perfect legs in a high-slit dress for the first time since she became the Duchess of Cambridge, the world let out a loud gasp. She had managed to give even the original diva – the gorgeous Angelina Jolie a run for her money in that flowing dress, all thanks to one virtuoso creator called Roland Mouret.

Wills and Kate arrive for a dinner hosted
by The Thirty Club at Claridges. Duchess
seen in high-slit Roland Mouret dress. 
Credit: Samir Hussein/
Speaking about the full-length cream evening gown which Duchess Kate wore for the classy event at Claridges in Mayfair, London in May 2012; the French designer says: 'I think it was quite fantastic that there was a split up the front.”

According to Mouret, ‘that picture of a women’ when one gets to see only a tantalizing glimpse of her leg, which is precisely what people want to see. ‘It is that notion of privacy,’ avers Mouret.

Mouret also believes it should be something meant only for a husband’s eyes, however, a woman just shows a wee bit for others. ‘I think that is one of the more amazing moments of life. You feel happy when you see that. It was not too much. It was with a lot of respect. Yes, I think I did… quite well,' self-pats Mouret a pleased designer.

Well, seeing the tremendous response the dress received, Monsieur Mouret, indeed managed to do it. Speaking to Kate Finnigan in the latest issue of Stella, Mouret discloses that he visualized the dress with Kate in mind and goes on to gush: 'She's a fantastic person to work with. She's a woman of her time.'

Eulogizing Duchess Kate, Mouret says. 'She's very aware of her position and she's a really nice person. She's human. It's really nice to work with someone in her position. It's… historic, yes.' Well, looks like another designer has fallen flat for the famed Duchess charisma.

Royal fans would love the very idea of this dashing Frenchman sketching his stylish creations while fashionista Catherine with her eye for detail and elegance will ensure that the slit does not go too high. A magical combo there!!!

In addition to being an expert on female shapely wardrobes, the handsome Frenchman also happens to be a kind of red carpet coach, training his A-list ladies on how to perfect the art. He says: 'It's a one-to-one relationship with a woman where you help them to communicate something about themselves'

Further he adds: 'As a man I try to put them less in danger because a bad picture sell more than a good picture. But I don't put them in… armour. It is still them. You give power to the person by saying, "You are a powerful person; the dress is just going to be there, but you are so powerful."'

Royal watchers will for sure endorse that the Duchess of Cambridge, in the RM gown at the Claridges classy event must have felt nothing less than queenly.

Ever since Mouret’s spring collection 2006 was launched with the ‘Galaxy’ dresses, the 51-year-old Frenchman has become famous as a women’s designer, someone whom they can trust implicitly.

His high-profile clients’ right from Scarlett Johansson to Duchess Catherine, who regularly have to attend public events and want their body to do the talking tastefully and classily; have all realized that they would be better off putting themselves in this man's adept hands.

Source: Grazia Daily

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