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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Duchess Kate furious as Camilla taunts balding Wills to ‘get a wig’

The conflict between Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles has reportedly intensified and turned vicious. The highly ambitious wife of Prince Charles has now trained her guns on Prince William, making nasty comments about his receding hairline and bald spots, reports the latest issue of Globe magazine under the headline: Camilla mocks bald William.

Apparently Camilla Parker-Bowles has always been envious of Kate Middleton’s good looks and popularity, something which she herself woefully lacks. While it may not be too obvious, Camilla by hook or crook wants to be Queen Consort and thereby always be next to her husband Prince Charles in the seat of power.

However, the shrewd lady knows pretty well that majority of the Brits would love to see the charismatic Prince William on the throne with Kate as his consort, both being more competent and popular than the former duo.

While through subtle manipulation Camilla Parker-Bowles has managed to convince Queen Elizabeth II to ensure that it will only be Prince Charles who will be the next King of England, it’s the inherent insecurity within her which makes Camilla still not give up and continue making nasty jabs. Her tactics is quite simple; the Duchess of Cromwell just wants to see Kate and William being constantly humiliated and put down.

Towards this end Camilla is ready to try every trick to hit out at the younger royals, whether it is by asserting the new curtsy diktat or jeering about Kate’s bikini-body pictures taken during her honeymoon.

Queen Elizabeth always had a deep distrust for Camilla especially due to her role in the breakup of Prince Charles and Diana’s marriage. But by and by the wily Camilla has managed to inveigle her way into the good books of the old monarch. And behind the scenes doing everything she can to undermine and put down Kate and Wills.

Sources revealed to GLOBE magazine (print edition, August 27) about the dreadful showdown that took place between Camilla and Prince William recently. Apparently a bitchy Camilla told a fuming William: “Your head’s getting like a baby’s bottom – get a wig!”

Naturally this is not something the Duke of Cambridge would take lying down, especially from the woman responsible for taking his dad away from his dearest mom. Apparently he shot back stingingly at Camilla “I’ll think about a wig if you get another facelift!”

Now hearing this unpleasant interaction, any wife would be upset. Kate Middleton being the totally devoted and utterly in love wife naturally was enraged when she heard that her step mother-in-law Camilla was ridiculing William over his receding hairline and bald spot. So she decided to take things in hand at the very next opportunity.

It was at the show jumping event at the Olympics an insider reports: “Kate took Camilla to one side and warned her in no uncertain terms to lay off William.” Allegedly both William and Kate are absolutely fuming at Camilla with insiders stating that there “is no hope of a truce any time soon.”

Well, if this report in Globe is indeed true, then one can only question Camilla’s gall in insulting Prince William by alluding to his receding hairline. It’s bad enough that a pesky little singer like Justin Bieber is making fun of William, now he has even got a dowager on his case. Why don’t they all just buzz off!!!

Sources: Globe Magazine/Celebdirtylaundry

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