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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Behind Duchess Kate’s classy look, a cool £22,000 beauty regime

 The world admires Kate Middleton’s glowing complexion, her glossy voluminous tresses and her flawless make-up. However, looking immaculate does not come cheap; there surely is a high price tag attached. Daily Mail has now spilled the secret of the Duchess of Cambridge’s amazing look and the cost it entails.

Duchess Kate's cool £22,000 beauty regime
 Apparently the budget for her beauty regimen is a cool £22,000 annually, something which is not really well-known. Let’s find out how. The first thing everyone will notice about Duchess Kate is her glowing complexion. According to Julie Cichocki of Karin Herzog brand the secret behind Duchess Kate’s ever glowing skin is the company’s oxygen-infused skin-care products. Apparently, it was recommended to Kate by a friend when she was still at college.

Julie Cichocki said: ‘Kate has a good skin and wants to keep it that way. Before her 30th birthday she used the Oxygen Face Cream (£36), but now uses Vit-A-Kombi 2 Moisturiser (£54.50). As we get older, the skin needs the additional nutrients and vitamins that it contains ...The Mild Scrub exfoliator (£31), Professional Cleansing cleanser (£33) and the Vit-A-Kombi 3 Spot Zapper (£21.50) are also part of her routine.’

However, along-with the high tech Swiss regimen, Kate also has earthly facials done courtesy facialist Deborah Mitchell. The latter regularly treats Kate’s step mother-in-law Duchess Camilla. Reportedly, soon after Kate and Wills’ engagement Camilla urged the former to try a pot of the Heaven Bee Venom Face Mask (£25.30), something which she herself believes in strongly.

Later she even encouraged Kate to try a £165 facial with Mitchell, and now Kate is said to swear by this product. Lancome’s Hydra Zen Moisturizing Cream (£38) and the bargain Nivea Visage Pure and Natural Moisturizing Day Cream (£5.10) are some other skin care products Duchess Kate is said to favor. The estimated cost of buying Herzog products and bee face mask every three months plus a monthly facial is £2,641.20.

Next in Kate Middleton’s beauty regimen is her shiny luscious locks. The credit for maintaining Kate’s glossy perfectly blow-dried mane is courtesy of Richard Ward’s salon located close to King’s Road in London. Kate is a regular there for years. They are naturally tight-lipped about their celebrity client.

However, in the past Richard Ward has spoken on how to take care of hair and get ‘the Kate’. According to him, all it requires is a deft cut from him (at £200 one time), every eight to twelve weeks. Check VideoKate's hair with her stylist Richard Ward.

It has also been rumored that on finding the odd grey hair, Kate has now gone for organic-vegetable-based dye and subtle low-lights applied at the salon (at £280, every couple of months). Also there is the essential blow dries for the hair, which apparently, Kate must be getting at least three times a week at a cool £70 a pop. The estimated cost of maintaining luscious locks based on six cuts and colors a year and thrice-weekly blow dries comes to £13,800.

Considering the fact that during her wedding to Prince William, Kate Middleton did her own make-up and before her marriage she even purchased her own beauty products, it’s safe to assume that when it comes to cosmetics the lady knows what she wants. Before her nuptials she was seem stocking up on Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer (£33). This is the basic of choice for a lady preferring a subtle, sheer appearance.

Moreover when it comes to color cosmetics, Kate is a fan of Bobby Brown make-up line. The company after Wills and Kate’s royal wedding even released a statement that one of their make-up artists (Hannah Martin) provided ‘make-up artistry assistance to members of the bridal party.’ Brown told “Catherine has the perfect balance between classic and modern … Her bold brows frame her face, while a swipe of gloss and pop of pink blush give her a healthy glow.”

Bobby Brown also released a list of products that could be used to recreate Duchess Kate’s looks. It included eye-shadows in Ivory, Rock, Star and Slate (£16.50 each), Pale Pink Blusher (£18) and Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick (£32) and for the lips, the Sandwash Pink Lipstick (£18) and Crystal Gloss (£14). It’s widely regarded that Kate used these products on her ‘D’ day.

Not to be missed is Catherine’s perfectly shaped eyebrows. The credit for this also goes to Bobby Brown cosmetics. Apparently during Kate’s visit once to the cosmetics centre in Peter Jones, she took lessons from one of Bobby Brown’s make-up artists who showed her how to use a slanted make-up brush with dark brown eye shadow in a shade called Saddle (£16.50) to fill in her brows.

At that point she even purchased some products to keep her eye area looking youthful. These included Bobby Brown’s Hydrating Eye Cream (£29), a Corrector (£18) for blighting under-eye darkness, and a Tinted Eye Brightener (£23.50) as well as a Lip-liner in brownish-pink (£15) and a lipstick in Sandwash Tulle (£18).

Her signature black eyeliner and mascara is more likely to be courtesy Lancome. Days before her nuptials she was seen buying the brand’s Hypnose mascara (£21) and Artline eyeliner (£20). This is basically a foam-tipped lip liner that gives perfect, precise application. Based on buying thrice a year of all products, the estimated cost comes to £976.50.

With regard to fragrances, Duchess Kate is said to be a fan of Jo Malone range of fragrances costing £76 a bottle. Apparently she requested that Westminster Abbey have the aroma of three of her favorite scented candles (£38 each) which included Orange Blossom, Grapefruit & Lime, and Basil & Mandarin. As regards tans, she is not said to favor fake golden glow. Rather the Duchess prefers subtle tan to give her that sun-kissed glow.
‘She takes incredibly good care of her skin, so a light; sheer self-tan on top is all she needs for a polished glow,’ said tanning expert James Harknett. However, opinion is divided on exactly which brand of tan she favors, with both Zen Tan’s Spray Tan (£40) and Urban Retreat’s Air Brush Tan (£40) believed to be her likely favorites. The estimated cost of perfumes and tans based on tan a fortnight and two bottles ofIlluminum and two bottles of Jo Malone perfumes annually comes to £1,392.

With regard to Duchess Kate’s manicure and pedicure for perfect hand and toe nails, during her wedding, Duchess Camilla recommended beauty therapists Marina Sandoval from Jo Hanford Salon in Mayfair. The beautician at that point came to Clarence House to give the bride-to-be a £36 ‘signature manicure.’ As well as having finger filed, buffed and polished, Kate Middleton was also treated to a luxurious soak and exfoliation of her hands and a deep tissue hand massage.

Marina said: ‘Catherine wanted something very natural looking.’ To create the perfect color she blended Bourjous No. 28 Rose Lounge and Essle 423 Allure. Kate stuck to neutral shades on her fingernails, moving from a soft pink to a subtle peach. However, for her toes she choice dark red most likely a professional job (£47 at Jo Hansford). Based on weekly manicure and fortnightly pedicure, the estimated cost comes to£3,094.

Source: Daily Mail

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