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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pippa Middleton heart-broken over disconnect with Duchess Kate

The younger sibling of Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge is said to be feeling lonely and lost without big sister Kate Middleton by her side in recent times.

As Pippa Middleton’s destiny looks bleaker, so too does her presence in her sister-cum-best friend Duchess Kate’s life, which in turn is making her shed tears in private.

Earlier, when Catherine was not married to Prince William, the two siblings were so close that they were almost like "peas in a pod,"--in fact until recently Pippa was Duchess Kate’s "right hand" woman.

However, after Catherine became a royal last year in April, and with her being busy with public engagements, by and by the 28-year-old Pippa is said to be feeling completely left out of her life.

On the other hand, Duchess Kate is doing pretty well in life. The charismatic brunette’s popularity is skyrocketing, with public adoration for her at the zenith.

Also in recent weeks, Pippa Middleton, dubbed by the media as "her royal hotness," has seen a remarkable fall from grace from the powers that be.

Pippa is understood to be confounded over being sidelined during the Olympics, during which she has not been given an invite. Particularly given that one year back she would have been one among those seated at the VIP section.

A source disclosed: "Pippa has been crying her eyes out and has never been so lonely in her life. … She’s been distraught seeing all these happy pictures of Wills, Kate and Harry at the Olympics."

But what is really upsetting the sensitive Virgo, who has always been there for her sister through thick and thin, is that Catherine seems to be oblivious to her suffering.

It is believed that what has upset Pippa even more deeply is the harsh barb of the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld about her looks, insinuating that the brunette is ugly.

The ageing designer had recently sniped at Pippa stating that she should “hide her face… [and] only show her back." While her elder sister could have reassured Pippa, sadly for her, Kate didn’t speak out in her defense, leaving her feeling even more let down.

Source: Woman's Day

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