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Monday, August 27, 2012

Kate Middleton trains Prince Harry in some practical culinary skills

There is a lull in the news pertaining to the royals after the Diamond Jubilee engagements and the hectic 2012 London Olympics schedule, with the Duchess of Cambridge understood to be lying low. However, Kate in the meantime is said to be imparting some useful culinary lessons to Prince Harry.

With hubby Prince William away a lot due to his field job as an RAF search-and-rescue pilot, Catherine is having plenty of free time. As royal watchers are well aware, her brother-in-law Harry is someone with whom she shares a terrific rapport.

Being a bachelor and a royal to boot, Prince Harry seems to use the microwave a lot to heat ready-made food instead of cooking himself. Kate has therefore taken it upon herself to give Harry some useful culinary tips.

A source told Grazia magazine: “Kate is a whizz in the kitchen, while Harry's skills are rather lacking … So Kate has been teaching Harry to cook rather than use the microwave.

"Aside from the relationship they have a very brotherly, sisterly relationship, and Harry has been a great support to Kate, who is still fairly new to the Royal family," states the same source.

Just this week the happy-go-lucky 27-year-old royal hit the headlines with his saucy Las Vegas party pictures splashed all over the internet. Harry needs to be careful not to binge on Duchess Kate’s mouthwatering dishes and let him-self bloat.

As it is, the thick-as-thieves duo has in jest dubbed Prince William the "Burger King," especially after the latter added a few extra pounds recently.

The same source told Grazia: “It’s always a laugh when Kate and Harry are together ….William loves that his wife and brother are such good pals and he jokingly calls Harry Kate's 'lady in waiting' because he's always there by her side.”

However, apparently what gets Prince William’s goat is that they are always pulling his leg. "What he doesn't enjoy is how much they like to wind him up,” revealed the source.

The source went on to add: “There’s always a lot of laughter when the three are together but it's normally aimed at Wills, poor chap, but he takes it well and knows it's all a bit of banter."

Source: Magazine

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