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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Queen Elizabeth humiliates Kate Middleton - Claims lifestyle magazine

Life & Style Weekly - July 16, 2012
issue claims Queen Elizabeth
has humiliated Kate.
The July 16th, 2012 issue of Life & Style Weekly‘s has come up with a damning report claiming that a vindictive Queen Elizabeth has deliberately gone about humiliating grand-daughter-in-law Kate Middleton.

According to the Lifestyle magazine, the senior royal exacted her revenge by forcing Kate to curtsy to William’s royal cousins. The reason given for this apparently is that the Duchess routinely steals the British Monarch’s spotlight.

Although it was Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations recently, and her ‘Big day,’ yet the cynosure of all eyes was the statuesque wife of Prince William, the Queen’s grandson, which has apparently not gone down well with the British Monarch.

Since tying the knot with Prince William 14 months ago, Duchess Catherine by all accounts appears to have been warmly embraced into the royal household, as a family member. However, now it appears Kate has been given a slap across her face (metaphorically speaking).

Duchess Kate forced to curtsy to
Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.
Image: 062512_FFN_KatePrincesses_ftr

According to the latest official version of the Royal Household’s Order of Precedence, it is mandatory for Duchess Kate, 30, to now curtsy to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s two daughters 23-year-old Princess Beatrice, and 22-year-old Princess Eugenie.

The reason is that they are ‘blood princesses,’ while Kate Middleton is a ‘commoner’ who has become a royal only because she married into the royal family. A source in William and Kate’s social circle disclosed to Life & Style: “It’s a total humiliation for Kate .. It’s like a demotion for her in the royal family, and the queen is the one who ordered this.”

What is even more insulting is the fact that while when Prince William is with her, no curtsy is required. But, if she comes across Beatrice and Eugenie without her spouse next to her, she has to bow down before the two, whether in public or private.

The source’s rationale being: “These moves from the queen are designed to remind Kate that just because she’s popular, she isn’t as important as the queen or any other royal-born family member.”

However, there is another version doing the rounds as to why the Queen ordered the revised Order of Precedence. Apparently the Queen’s children Andrew, Edward and Annie were upset with their mother.

They felt snubbed when Queen Elizabeth decided that only her eldest son Prince Charles and wife Camilla and Prince William and Kate Middleton would stand by her side on the Buckingham Palace balcony during the flyby as part of the conclusion of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. 

Queen with Charles, Camila, Will & Kate on Buckingham 
Palace Balcony. Image: Daily
At that point in time, speculation was rife in the media that Queen Elizabeth was sending across a strong message that only those few besides her including ‘commoner’ Kate Middleton – were the future on the monarchy. This obviously would not have been taken well by the extended royal family seniors.  

During Queen’s balcony appearance a decade ago for her Golden Jubilee celebrations, everyone had joined in. So why not this time round, what had changed?  According to  sources  it had a lot to do with the Queen’s husband Prince Philip’s absence from the scene. He had been hospitalized due to some health problem during this family photo opportunity and certain “key courtiers” filled the Queen’s ears with the new idea.

Source: Life & Style Laundry

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  1. Oh "p u l i s s e e " Kate curtsy to anyone other than the Queen,The Duke,Charles and maybe Camilla,not too sure of that last one though, the jury is still out on that one as far as I'm concerned. IN FACT , if anything , They should kiss the feet belonging to the Dutchess ! She is the one whom along with her Husband that has put the Royals back on the map. Before their wedding the Royals were sinking fast.

    1. Agree completely with you. If anything the Duchess of Cambridge has brought the British royals so much into the limelight, single-handedly with her magnetic personality. Thanks a lot for giving your feedback here.

  2. Tower of Babel...

  3. Who would be a member of that family,Andrew has a lackey carrying a six feet long ironing board when he goes abroad,Charley has a lackey carrying a cushion about for him,he suffers with piles,I think.
    We hear Charley is jealous of the attention Kate is getting,I might be a "commoner"but at least I have brains.
    All the lot of 'em are nothing but parasites,the lot of 'em should be neutered then the line would just die out.

    1. About Prince Charles being jealous of Kate, there is some truth to that, in fact he is pushing Wills and Kate on a world tour. Check this report for that news:

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