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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole both fancy bachelor royal Prince Harry

Singer Katy Perry signs autographs as she walks
the  red carpet before the Much Music Video 
Awards in Toronto Image: IBTimes
The latest in the long list of girls fancying the eligible younger brother of the Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry is none other than Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole. 

Katy Perry, the 'Wide Awake' singer, who is currently single after  her divorce from husband Russell Brand last year, would love to go on a date with the bachelor royal as she considers him 'hot ginger'. 

Just last July 3, Katy Perry was seen at the premiere of her 3D movie in Leicester Square. Grazia Magazine caught up with the singer, and in a brief chat asked her what are the things she adores about UK.

Katy Perry is all smiles on the red
carpet at the 2012 Much Music
Video Awards in Toronto, Canada.
 Image: Spotlightceleb
Perry said she loves Britain’s countryside and the royal family. She then went on to talk about some interesting stuff, especially when she referred to Prince Harry. The 'Firework' hit maker also expressed her opinion about Britain’s Prince Charming saying: "Prince Harry is single and I love a hot ginger." 

Well, if the pop star is really serious about her crush on Harry, she ought to know that she would be just one lady among a long list of female wannabes dreaming of becoming Prince Harry’s better half one day.

In the same interview, when asked about the prospect of finding royal romance in Britain,  Perry declared that she would not turn down any 'bit of ginge'.  However, Katie Perry ought to know she has tough competition from her own circle, her pal Cheryl Cole.

Cheryl has been spotted flirting with Harry after the Diamond Jubilee concert last month. The 'Call My Name' hit maker confided in close pals friends that she looks forward to a dinner date with Prince Harry following their meeting at the after party for the concert.

Stunning Cheryl Cole seen in elegant strapless gown
as she took to the stage with Gary Barlow at Queen's
Diamond Jubilee concert. Image: Gott

It may be recalled Cheryl Cole had performed for Harry's grandmother Queen Elizabeth at the Buckingham Palace grounds for the gig. A source revealed: 'They were definitely flirting and Cheryl said afterwards she'd love a dinner date with Harry.'

Cheryl Cole, in fact, in the past has revealed how much she loves Prince Harry and that she even dreamt of marrying him. Reportedly, it is she who made the first move, going up to Harry for a chat. The insider added: 'Cheryl wasted no time sidling up to Harry in the swanky Long Gallery.’

‘She spotted Harry and made a beeline for him. He was standing with a couple of friends and his brother Prince William and his wife Duchess Catherine weren't far away. Cheryl had arrived with her manager, who looked like he was encouraging her to go over so she did.'

Apparently after meeting Harry, Cheryl is even said to have exchanged numbers to stay in touch.  However, it may be noted Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole are not the only ones having the hots for Prince Harry, other names include Pixie Lott, Cheska Hull, Alesha Dixon, Katie Price, Amy Childs and model Rosie Huntington- Whiteley.

Out of this list, this time though, the 'Rolling In The Deep' singer Adele is out of the question as she is confirmed pregnant. Model Huntington-Whiteley openly confessed in a television show in America that she awaits a proposal from the prince. She even disclosed that she has been writing to the prince frequently.

Prince Harry seen with a bevy of excited girls members of children's 
charity group 'Forget Me Not NOLA' Image: Hello Mag

Well, while Prince Harry feels lonely and looks for a suitable partner, celebrities like Katy Perry, Cheryl Cole along-with other women globally, dream of ending up on the arms of this chilled out prince.

So what is the witty Prince waiting for when he has so many gorgeous ladies to choose from and just enjoy what is pure ‘ordinary’ fun. But looks like one Chelsy Davvy is still deeply entrenched in the Prince’s heart and does not allow him to commit to any one else just yet.

Source: IBTimes

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