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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TOWIE Star Mark Wright dreams of dating ‘stunning’ Kate Middleton

The Former TOWIE Star, Mark Wright has revealed that he would have no qualms in ditching the girls of Essex in exchange for a glitzy night on town with the British Duchess, the “stunning” Kate Middleton.

Mark Wright thinks Duchess Kate is stunning Image: ©Richard Young/
Rex Features and Tim Rooke/Rex Features

Mark Wright seen with ex-flame
reality TV star Lauren Goodger
Mark Wright, who has in the past dated beauties like the Reality TV - ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ ‘star’ Lauren Goodger (left) disclosed that he would be privileged to treat the Duchess of Cambridge like a princess and take her for a glamorous night out.

In an interview with ‘Nowmagazine, speaking to Dan Wootton, Mark said: “This is going to sound so weird but I had a dream about her last night.” In his dream, Mark even thought of William and Kate’s separation.

Marks said further: “She'd split up with Prince William and I actually took her on a date to the Ritz!" At the same time, while conceding that Kate Middleton is not his No.1 ‘celebrity’ craze, he said he still considers the 30-year-old Duchess “stunning”. “She's not my favorite celebrity in the world but I love the natural look,” Mark gushed.

Like any other male, he too prefers some flesh on a women and so said: “I must admit I like a bit of meat on a girl. I don't like too thin.” Yet, he went on to add “But Kate is stunning.” Looks like one more celebrity has fallen flat for the Duchess’ charm. One is sure the down-to-earth Duchess would be delighted to know of this latest celebrity fan.

Kate’s former flame Willem Marx. They dated
each other at Marlborough. Image: The Sun

Not just the female fashionistas who are admirers of Kate, clearly she is adored by the male populace as well. And in addition to gaining a new celebrity fan, Duchess Kate has to even deal with coming face-to-face with two former lovers at school friend’s wedding during the weekend. That undoubtedly must have spiced up the day...

Willem Marx, Kate’s first love at her high school was just one of the old boyfriends she bumped into at Alice St John Webster and Gerald Alvenel’s nuptials on Saturday (30th June, 2012). Willem is still said to be single.

Rose Farquhar - William's first serious
girlfriend Image: Emma Farquhar
Also at the same venue among the 300 odd guests was Henry Ropner. He is the guy Catherine is understood to have dated in 2007, during the brief break-up with now husband Prince William. 

But then it was not just Kate who had to go through the embarrassment of meeting exes. Prince William, too, saw his former girlfriend Rose Farquhar at the nuptials. He had dated her after leaving Eton College in 2000. 

Then there was Olivia Hunt, the women the Duke of Cambridge allegedly wooed in style wining and dinning with her. But of course this was before he met and fell in love with the then Kate Middleton at St Andrews University.

Source: Entertainment.STV

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  1. Didn't she do well,university the goes on to marry into royalty,will never work all her life.