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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Prince William worries about Kate Middleton’s sanity among Royals

As is obvious from the massive adulation for her from all over the globe, Kate Middleton is fast becoming their favorite among the British Royals. She is the darling of both the media and the public who just can’t seem to have enough of her.

The icing on the cake is that Catherine has a husband, who is totally devoted and utterly smitten by her. However, this very popularity may prove to be a kind of albatross around her neck. The mass adulation could be the cause of serious potential trouble for the Duchess in the future, opine some royal analysts.

How can Prince William ever forget what happened to his mother, the late Princess Diana, they add. According to these royal naysayers, there is this niggling fear in Wills that the same cruel fate would befall his beloved wife Kate as did his mother.

The late Diana was undoubtedly the ‘People’s Princess’ but she was definitely not that in Queen Elizabeth’s eyes. It is common knowledge that there was no love lost between Prince William’s grandmother and Princess Diana. For the former, she was just too ‘common’ and someone who was way too familiar with the crowds to suit her regal taste.

It may be noted that earlier it was Queen Elizabeth herself who forced Prince Charles to marry the then Diana Spencer, as she was considered as being closer in status to the royals and hence an ‘acceptable match’.

But to her apparent dismay, Diana did not turn out to be the aloof and superior kind of person, like the rest of the royals. She was a people’s person who in turn was adored and revered by the masses, wherever she went. This mass adoration, say royal analysts, was not taken well by the Queen and the rest of the blood royals.

They hated Diana’s popularity and were intensely jealous of it. They probably felt she had usurped their right as royals to be revered by the masses. Consequently, Princess Diana could never ever get along with the royal family, who later even ostracized her.

As if this royal turmoil was not enough, adding to Diana’s woes and anxiety was the media and paparazzi frenzy, who were literally stalking her. She was like a prisoner, only there were no prison walls. The media and the public were so obsessed with her that having any sense of normalcy in her life was just out of the question.

Diana, temperamentally, was not made for such an existence. She was much too fragile mentally due to her past turbulent family history (Her parents separated when she was a child). It became worse after becoming Prince Charles’ wife, as she was caught between royal contempt and the media frenzy, which allegedly drove her to mental illness and substance abuse, opine the royal analysts.

Probably she thought she would find happiness after making a clean break from the royals, however, even after she divorced Prince Charles, that peace remained elusive. The ‘People’s Princess’ met her tragic end in a high speed paparazzi accident in Paris in 1997, leaving behind two heart-broken young sons, Princes William and Harry.

Well, does the above sequence of events not sound familiar? Royal analysts affirm it should. Today, Kate Middleton, a ‘commoner’s popularity is at its peak and showing no signs of waning, in-fact it’s increasing multifold. And, predictably, it has not been taken well by certain influential echelons of the royalty.

The Royal family’s recent bizarre pronouncements, analysts opine, is clearly ‘based on jealousy, pettiness, and their unmerited sense of entitlement.’ It clearly indicates that the former Kate Middleton and present Duchess of Cambridge is and will always be an outsider for the British royals.

To be more specific, Queen Elizabeth’s recent royal ‘diktat’ that Catherine must curtsy before the blood prince and princesses whenever husband William is not around, seems so bizarre, its significance will not be missed by even a man on the street.

From this decree the royals apparently are sending out the signal that Kate must remember she is not really a part of the family. And that she is good enough only to conceive the future monarch but has no right to stand shoulder to shoulder with the ‘blood royals’.

Of course, one day she will become Queen (Queen Consort formally), when husband Prince William will be crowned the King of England, but till then she will have to bow down before their whims and fancies. 

One insider disclosed to Life & Style Weekly Print Edition, July 16th issue: ‘William saw the pain and anguish his mom went through.’ ‘The last thing he wants is for Kate to go through the same tough times,’ added another source perceptively.

However, there is one crucial difference in the parallel life situations of the late Princess Diana and Duchess Kate, which is that Prince William loves his wife to distraction and will protect and support her at any cost.

Duchess Kate seen with other Royals
Unfortunately, that was not the case with his father Prince Charles, who was basically indifferent towards Diana. It was only at his mother Queen Elizabeth’s insistence that Charles married Diana after the monarch refused to allow him to tie-up with his true love and secret lover, the already married Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Princess Diana, unfortunately, became a scapegoat in the royal politics being played out, getting embroiled in a loveless sham marriage with Prince Charles, with the only good thing coming out of the relationship being the birth of their two sons.

Fortunately, that is not the case with Kate and William who appear to be a real couple, a couple very much in love. And being in love, Prince William will protect his wife Catherine and ensure that nothing untoward happens to her.

Well, that is what myriads of the couple’s admirers hope he would do.

Source: Celeblaundry

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