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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kate’s ‘perfect smile’ made Prince William fall in love with her

Duchess Kate's perfect smile

World over people are charmed by the quintessential ‘fairy tale’ romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton with a happy ending. So much so, it makes for one of the best love stories of the present times and in many ways Catherine may be considered the lovely ‘Smile of England.’

Naturally many amongst the royal watchers would be wondering just what was it about one inconspicuous, upper middle-class girl from Berkshire that made the future heir to the British throne flip for her and go on to make her his better half.

In the most obvious news of the day, a little bit of that mystery has been explained away. Apparently the handsome Duke of Cambridge fell hard for Catherine because of her "perfect smile".

The tennis buff Duchess Kate who with sister Pippa Middleton was at the Wimbledon Men’s final yesterday, to watch the match between Roger Federer and Andy Murray; met her Prince ‘Charming’ – William when the pair, around 21 years then, were studying at the University of St. Andrews.

Now an expert on human behaviors, Judi James has reportedly gauged what exactly it was about the simple down-to-earth Kate Middleton that caught William’s fancy. In her opinion, it was Catherine’s amazingly, charming smile and the way she carried herself – a poised demeanor which is so similar to other royal members.

Says the behavioral specialist James "I think William was drawn to her because she has the perfect smile; bright teeth, dimples, round rosy cheeks, and in public her body language gives nothing away."

Also according to James, Kate Middleton was more similar to the Queen than she was to his late mother Princess Diana, which is why Kate gels well with the Royal family and fits in perfectly today.

Explaining this rationale, James said: "Just like the Queen, whose body does not move, and unlike Princess Diana who was very easy to read … Usually with the Royal Family you have to watch them for a significant amount of time before they show any 'leakage' as we call it."

Ever since the former Kate Middleton entered into royal wedlock with Prince William in April 2011 at Westminster Abbey, the present Duchess of Cambridge has become a super hit with the public as well as looked up to as a fashion icon.

James also told the Sunday Express: "Kate's smile and her ability to hold it is a major asset. Normally it's impossible to hold a genuine smile for 10 minutes straight," Further the behavioral specialist added: "I've tried and couldn't. She's practiced a lot."

Well, what Judi James says is true to a large extent, after all it is the Duchess’ dazzling smile which has and is enthralling myriads of her admirers world over, so how could Prince William possibly resist or be an exception.


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