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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kate Middleton organizes barbecue for Cub Scouts at Anglesey

Although the Scouts in Anglesey do not belong to the Duchess of Cambridge’s patronages, yet she privately volunteers for the organization. And by all accounts, it looks like she thoroughly relishes playing the role and even takes it pretty seriously.

On Wednesday night, (July 11, 2012), the Duchess had a rare treat in store for the cubs of Anglesey. The former Kate Middleton called over a bunch of the Cub Scouts and their leaders to the rented cottage she shares with husband Prince William, on the idyllic Anglesey Island in North Wales.

Kate seen camping with British Scouts
On the beach close to her Anglesey cottage, the 30-year-old Duchess organized an evening full of activities and even hosted a barbecue, cooking burgers for the Welsh kids aged eight years old.

Duchess Kate is understood to have flipped burgers over the barbecue and even taught her young charges how to gut fish. While the kids enjoyed the company of the Duchess and the food cooked by her, they became the source of envy of their elder siblings.

Musician Lee Crimes wrote on twitter: 'So my 8 year old stepbrother went over to Kate Middleton's house last night for a BBQ with his mate's. I think I'm about to cry with jealousy’ 'Like....he's 8!! He doesn't even realise that she's a mega babe! And she had a BBQ on the go! Kate Middleton cooking burgers!! Oh my days. (sic)'.

When another twitter user asked Crimes how his brother receive the much in demand invite, Lee replied: 'you have to be 8 years old and in cubs. I think if I had a shave and wore a cubs’ uniform I would have got in (sic)', he crackled.

A source close to Kate Middleton told Daily Express: "The Duchess arranged and hosted an evening of activities that took place on a beach in Anglesey. They did some crabbing and gutting fish. She was teaching them how to do things like that. And she did a barbecue."

It was in January of this year that Duchess Kate agreed to volunteer to help Cub Scouts and Beaver Scots of Anglesey, aged between six and ten, with games, cooking and lighting up campfires, informed Clarence House. Catherine also happens to be a patron of the charities - The Art Room, Action on Addiction, East Anglia's Children's Hospices and the National Portrait Gallery.

The down-to-earth Duchess, who is often seen in glamorous attires during public engagements, loves to go all natural spending time outdoors with kids with whom she has a terrific rapport. So much so, that the media has now dubbed her the ‘Children’s Princess.’ Just last month, she joined children from inner-city milieus on a residential course in Kent.

The program was so designed as to assist in building skills and the confidence of youngsters. Under Catherine’s watchful eyes, the kids participated in various outdoor activities like setting up of a shelter, building a campfire and cooking outdoors.

Source: Female First/Daily Express

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