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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Duchess Kate a social drinker who does not like to go “out of control” says friend

This week has been quite controversial for the British Royals what with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s honeymoon photos being leaked by an Australian magazine and then new reports surfacing about Catherine’s drinking.

Kate enjoying a drink
Now don’t visualize the Duchess of Cambridge going on a drinking binge and making a spectacle of her-self. It is not like that at all. The ever poised and demure royal is said to be a social drinker. However, she is praised for never allowing her drinking to go out of hand.

According to media reports, the former Kate Middleton has managed to retain her individuality (more or less) and not change much despite being catapulted into the spotlight since marrying the future heir to the British throne.

Apparently, even before she tied the knot with Prince William, the brunette was cautious when it came to alcohol. She would keep her drinking to the minimum and never “get out of control.”

And now after entering the royal family, she has been praised for her poise and demeanor. So much so that it looks like the Berkshire born girl has taken to public duties like a duck to water, such an absolute natural she is.

A former friend of Kate Middleton who studied with her at the British Institute in Florence, in 2000 during her gap year, before Kate joined college at St. Andrews told OK! Magazine, “She would like a glass of wine, but couldn’t really handle her drink.”

Further, she added: “She’d get giggly and silly after a few glasses, so then would stop. She was never interested in getting really drunk. She would never ever let herself get out of control.”

In fact recently when belatedly celebrating Prince William’s 30th birthday, Duchess Kate is understood to have left William with his buddies to go off to bed at 1 am, hours before the gang winded up at around 3 in the night.

However, there is a slightly different perspective given on Kate Middleton two years ago by Katie Nicholl, the author of "William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls" and royal correspondent for the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

It may be noted that there are very few people in London who know more about the royal family than Katie Nicholl. At the time when Kate Middleton was newly engaged to Prince William, Nicholl revealed there was a side to Kate very few people, outside royal circles, knew of.

Speaking to "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill, Nicholl said: "I think she's an awful lot of fun.” Adding the shocker: “She can drink Prince William under the table." She even disclosed that she had been at nightclubs with Kate.

"I've been at nightclubs with her where I've seen her (drinking with William) and do shot after shot, and she's the one (left) standing and William is the one who's looking totally out of it. So, she's quite a partier.”

At that point Nicholl also made an amazing prediction which looking at present times is just bang on. The royal expert said that while it would be tough for Kate to come out of Princess Diana’s shadow, but Prince William will help her “hugely.’

At the same Nicholl urged people to give Kate the leeway to be her own person (Well, hope the Royals are listening). About the prediction, she believed the Royal Family’s perception will go on to change for the better due to Kate Middleton.

The royal auther then said: "She is middle-class, she's not an aristocrat. She's a real breath of fresh air for the House of Windsor ... So, absolutely, she's going to change it, but I think … for the better."

Further, according to Nichol: "She and William … (are) the future of this monarchy, of this House of Windsor. They're going to take it forward into the 21st century, and I think they'll do a great job.”

Well, how very true Nicholl, Kate and William are indeed doing a super job. Touch wood.

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