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Monday, July 16, 2012

Wills and Kate still madly in love, despite doomsayers claims

Certain sections of the media and the grapevine have gone to town with rumors that Will and Kate’s ‘honeymoon is over.’ According to the doomsayers the royal fairytale romance is fizzling out, with their marriage nearly on the rocks. Let’s rebut these allegations one by one.

Wills & Kate madly in love royal couple
The naysayers claim that Will and Kate having been with each other for more than ten years are no longer “glowing newlyweds.” The detached couple, it seems, are now stuck in a “sexless rut of a decade long relationship.” A ‘Royal observer’ has gone so far as to allege to US tabloid magazine Star that Prince William is envious of younger brother Prince Harry's carefree, bachelor lifestyle.

Nicholas Davies, author of William: The Rebel Prince, told the tabloid that William sees Harry with a bevy of gorgeous girls and in his heart of hearts is missing all of it as he is now tied to Catherine. “He missed out on all the fun once he and Kate met at university," believes Nicholas Davies.

Well, if Prince William really knows his brother well, then he will definitely be aware that Harry envies Wills and Kate as a couple and yearns for a life partner like his sis-in-law Catherine.

There are other examples given by the naysayers to back their claim. They say that William, who turned 30 on June 21, has recently started reconnecting with his buddies with whom earlier he would go clubbing and boozing and after a lull has now started partying again, that too without Duchess Kate.

The veteran royal correspondent, Davies told Star magazine that Prince William should have sown “some wild oats before settling down,” and that one would just “hope he hasn't got married too young and is tempted by other women."

Fact is Prince William got married at the age of 29 (well, almost) and now he is 30. That hardly constitutes being too young to be married. Besides, when he and Kate broke up in 2007 and allegedly even when they were together, Prince William wasn’t exactly a single-woman man as he is said to have dated other woman. So does that not constitute ‘sowing some wild oats?’

The doomsayers to buttress their claim have also quoted the same source who toldStar: "William is definitely breaking out on his own. He enjoys a booze-up with the boys, and he's no longer living in Kate's pocket."

Now this example is given after just one night that too when at the belated birthday party for Prince William with close pals, Catherine excused herself at 1 am to go off to sleep, while William continued his partying till 3 am. That can happen to any wife who is tired and gives the husband the leeway to enjoy his birthday bash with buddies.

The critics also believe there are other thorny issues in the Will and Kate marriage and that is about not being able to spend enough time with each other due official engagements. Prince William being a RAF search and rescue pilot, his duties include long hours away from Catherine. In February this year, the Duke was away for two months posted at the Falkland Islands on duty.

* Well, to this one can only only say that for any relationship to thrive there needs to be space for it to florish and bloom, besides both need not be joined at the hips at all times.

source close to the couple told Star: "More often than not, it’s a case of off to bed for the night on her own while her husband is working. Lord knows when he finds time for sex with Kate,” he asks. Davies believes it is William’s ‘royal duty’ to produce an heir to the British throne. “As a royal, he's expected to father an heir immediately. But I can only speculate that right now he's reluctant to get tied down with a family. ...”

*This last conjecture of Davies does not hold any water. After all wasn’t it just few weeks back that Prince William very clearly told American journo Katie Couric that he and Catherine are looking forward to starting a family? This is not just in the print media, but even there in video recordings of the same.

Davies further goes on to tell Star: “There have been rumors that Kate has had difficulty conceiving, but my guess is that she doesn't want to spoil that gorgeous figure. The flight attendant's daughter is suddenly the world's most adored fashion icon. With a baby, the glamour would be over."

*Well, the critics can cry themselves hoarse about Kate’s not being healthy to conceive. But none of this is reflected in any of the pictures or videos of Duchess Kate. The lady is looking fabulous and glowing with health. As for being glamorous and being adored as a fashion icon, why forget the other side, that of a deglamorised Kate Middleton going on camping trips with kids and promoting charities meeting cancer stricken children, etc.

Honestly, there does not seem to be even an iota of truth in any of the contentions made in the US tabloid and other pessimists quoting the source. What is ridiculous is their claim about Prince William regretting being tied to Kate Middleton and about neither being ready for a baby. How does any one know that they haven't had sex in four months! Have they kept a camera inside their bedroom, to make such ridiculous claims? Besides it is clearly a case of invasion of someone’s privacy, not to mention being somewhat malicious.

According to latest reports, Kate Middleton and Prince William have been sneaking off to Ansturther in Scotland a place which holds a lot of special memories for them since they both studied at St. Andrews University and met there. In fact, just last week the couple is understood to have gone to Ansturther, behaving like newly wedded couple taking in some golf, sailing off on a banana boat and just strolling around the beautiful township checking out on what the place offers, informs Marie Clair.

Hope this effectively counters all reports from doomsayers of Will and Kate’s honeymoon being over. It is said photographs don’t lie. Just see any photograph of the couple how they look into each other’s eyes, the glow on their faces. That is more than enough evidence of the crackling chemistry between the royal couple. Optimistically, one believes, it could well be the start of their second honeymoon with renewed marital vows and a baby on the way.

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