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Friday, June 22, 2012

Kate Middleton’s fabulous tresses – blowouts three times a week!!!

The Duchess of Cambridge’s hair is envied all over the world. And the one thing that Duchess Catherine does without fail is take good care of her flowing tresses, something which she is justifiably proud of.

Right from the time, the former Kate Middleton married Prince William in April 29, 2011 the hugely photographed Duchess has been known among other aspects of her personality for her thick glossy mane.

Kate’s Glorious Mane Credit: GetKateHair.files
All those looking to Duchess Kate for inspiration with regard to tresses also became instantly familiar with a salon called Richard Ward and Metrospa salon located in the posh London segment of Chelsea.

Although it’s more than a year since Kate is well-entrenched into the royal family as an official family member, yet, even today the Duchess of Cambridge makes it a point to visit the same salon for her hair care.

In fact Kate has been a client of this salon for nearly ten years now, which she visits several times a week for getting shiny, volume-filled blowouts for her hair. At the Richard Ward salon, where Duchess Kate’s stylist James Pryce used to work, hair cut charges run about $250 while styling comes in just under $100.

The Duchess is said to be clear about one thing and that is not to get any privileged treatment due to her being royalty. Therefore she "insists on visiting the salon rather than having them come to her," a source disclosed to Us Weekly.

According to another source "Kate's a girlie girl." This must surely warm the cockles of female royal watchers’ hearts. This is really not very far from the truth as the Duchess is understood to just adore languid pampering session.

Last year in September, the tall brunette patiently sat in Richard Ward's salon for four hours just to get her hair dyed. It was an organic vegetable-based hair color applied to her hair. And of course to top it there was a glossy blowout as well. Another royal insider revealed to Us: "She loves her time there and she has known everyone there for years so it's really relaxing for her."

Duchess Kate is also said to be a fan of Kérastase in-salon treatments, the costs for which range from about $20 to $30. Total charges in case of one trim, a couple of blowouts, few hair care products added, and one conditioning treatment per month, could range upwards of $5,700 on hair care, every year.

If you wish to recreate the Duchess’s photo-perfect flowing hair style then follow these instructions that Richard Ward gave to Us magazine last summer:

"Apply a holding serum onto wet hair to take out the frizz and make the hair silky smooth. Start with hair that's 80 percent wet and use a good blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle and a real-bristle brush. The serum memorizes the form and holds the curl in place while you blow dry."

Source: US

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