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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tarot card reading of Prince William’s year ahead in 2012

It is the Duke of Cambridge’s birthday today - June 21, 2012. One need not be British to love the Royal family of Britain, so let us begin by wishing the debonair Prince William loads of happiness on his 30th birthday today. On this momentous occasion, let’s take a brief look at what is happening in his life presently and also see what stars have in store for the young royal in future.

Prince William at 30 - Tarot reading for 2012
 Even as there is intense speculation among royal watchers about whether Will and Kate are intending on starting a family together, the biggest dilemma before Prince William this week, probably even topping his list of worries is, whether or not to continue with his RAF career.

The Duke’s job as a search and rescue Sea King pilot is extremely dear to him, so much so that it is understood to have made a huge difference to his very outlook towards life. So to give it all up to carry out his royal duties that he has inherited, is something which must be preoccupying his mind the most today. Hopefully, he will come up with a balanced solution.

Meanwhile, on the personal front the Prince is a very happy man. "William at 30 is a happy person. He's a fulfilled person," Fitzwilliams stated from London on Thursday on CTV's Canada AM. According to Fitzwilliams that contentment has a lot to do with his happy marriage with Kate Middleton, who he married on April, 2011.

Also on the financial front, the Prince has absolutely no cause for worry, as he gets a windfall as inheritance. He stands to receive an estimated 10 million pounds (C$16 million) today, according to the terms of the will of his late mother Diana.

However all that is in the present, but what does the following year have in store for the future heir to the British throne. Let us check it out with a special tarot card reading. Here is a simple three card reading.

The first Card is the King of Wands. It’s an interesting card on what to expect overall this year. Does it suggest that Prince William will occupy the throne this year? It may or may not happen but it would not be so dramatic.

However, what the card does suggest is that whatever happens, the world will get a fair idea of what kind of a leader, William is becoming and what he will sometime be. In any case, as a Cancer (Zodiac sign) he is a perfect fit being in a leadership sign.

Most likely, he will be in the limelight and his demeanor and bearing will come under intense scrutiny. What the card suggests is that Prince William will turn out to be a dynamic leader. This card is often regarded as a card for a “people person.”

This kind of person is someone who is able to see the best quality in others and has the ability to draw it out of them. Such a person is a good speaker, excellent motivator and someone very magnetic and fun to be around with. The King of Wands card suggests these qualities are most likely to start developing in Prince William after the age of 30.

The second Card is the Chariot Reversed. It’s card on what to expect in public life. This card pertains to everything relating to activity and making things happen. It is about achieving something by sheer force of one’s will.

The reversed position, however, suggests frustration when things don’t go the way one wants. It is about setbacks, frustrations, and an attempt to do things differently. In all probability Prince William will be taking on more leadership roles. But that is easier said then done.

It could be quite frustrating having to be so traditional about it. Times today are much different and it is reasonable to expect the younger generation to want to break free from the old rigid ways of getting things done by the earlier generations. Modern times call for newer ideas and new ways of tackling matters.

Point is, would this also not be true for the Royal family. It does look like winds of change are in the offing. It is expected that there will be fresh, new ideas about how things ought to be done. Naturally, these news ideas will be met with resistance from the older order.

Prince William, it looks like will be the harbinger of change, a new voice for a new generation that is provided his voice is heard above the din of conservatism. However, as suggested by card one, he will eventually manage to be heard and even convince all. But for this patience is essential.

The third Card is the Ten of Wands. It’s card on what to expect in his personal life. This card suggests struggles. Struggle of kind where you take on lots and then have a tough time keeping up to it. If one were to look at this card, there is a figure grasping ten staffs, doing his best not to drop one as he moves ahead with them. This juggling act is not an easy one.

What the person is grasping hard he can let go or he can put some down. Can he ask for assistance as he juggles with the staffs? So point here this person is someone who needs to first know what his priorities are and then decide on what is most important at the moment.

In Prince William’s case as per the card he needs to balance his personal and public life. Being a Duke it must have its challenges and this is to be expected, but it is not something to be worried about. It is simply something which comes with the territory.

In conclusion, in totality the cards imply a dynamic and changing year ahead for the Duke of Cambridge. 2012 will be the year; British public and the world will get to see the true mettle of the Prince and also get a glimpse of his leadership ability.

Over all, very good things are in store ahead for Prince William. One thing that people from other parts of the world expect from the Duke and Duchess Kate is that they make great strides where charitable ventures are concerned.


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