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Friday, June 8, 2012

Kate and Pippa Middleton’s ex-teacher praises them as being ‘tough’

Someone who has known Kate and Pippa Middleton closely, much before the former became the Duchess of Cambridge; has now praised the siblings as being ‘tough’ women. 

Ever since Kate Middleton’s high profile marriage to Prince William in April last year, Catherine, 30 and her younger sister Pippa, 28 have been in the public glare. 

Kate and Pippa Middleton – ‘tough’ women
The Middleton siblings are having almost a fish-in-a-bowl like existence, with their every move being watched and dissected, which would be mortifying for any ordinary human being.

However, must say to their credit, the sisters have taken to fame pretty well. This assessment is shared even by Kevin Allford, their former French teacher at St Andrew’s, a Berkshire prep school, who believes the sisters can handle their fame and not buckle under its load. 

Daily Mail newspaper quoting Allford said: 'They were both tough (women).” Further according to him, it is Pippa Middleton who was the stronger person of the two. 

In this context he says: 'Though Pippa was tougher than her sister, better at taking knocks than Catherine.' Putting to rest speculations about one-up-man ship between the two sisters, Allford spoke about the close bonding shared between Catherine and Pippa.

According to Allford, even as teenagers there wasn’t any sibling rivalry between the two. He said 'There was never fierce competition between the girls ... One never said to the other: 'I can beat you,'' he added. 

Even now after her marriage, Catherine and Pippa are very close to each other. Pippa is understood to often keep the Duchess’ company while hubby Prince William is busy with his job as a RAF search and rescue pilot. 

Earlier a source had disclosed: 'Pippa recently spent time with Catherine in Wales, which Catherine loved, and William is relieved because Pippa will be able to keep an eye on her sister and make sure takes care of herself!' 

Source: M & C

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