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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kate's sparkling 'diamond and pearl earrings' – Fake £48 jewellery?

The Duchess of Cambridge started off with budget air flights then did high street shopping and now has done something unbelievable, started wearing cubic zirconia  instead of real diamonds.

Last Tuesday, the heralded carriage ride carried the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royals to Buckingham Palace, as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebration.

The cubic zirconia and faux pearl set earrings by 
Belinda Hadden, £48 Credit:
At that point with all cameras’ trained on her, along-with her stunning Alexander McQueen lace dress, Prada clutch and exquisite Jane Taylor fascinator cap, Duchess Kate’s delicate diamond and pearl drop earrings, too, was something highly admired.

Close up of Kate's imitation pear 
& diamond earrings, by designer 
Belinda Hadden. Image: Getty
Now must to everyone’s amazement it has come to light that Duchess Kate’s sparklers were not diamonds; but imitation pieces costing a meager £48.  

Shocking isn’t it. Looks like Kate Middleton  has touched the heights of thriftiness considering she does not even have to do it. But guess that is what makes her so unique and endearing.

The diamond drops the Duchess of Cambridge wore were actually very good imitation pieces entitled ‘fabulous fakes,’ the creations of designer Belinda Hadden, who happens to be the former spouse of top PR man Abel Hadden. 

Hadden herself was stunned to know that Kate Middleton had worn her creations. A mother of three, Belinda had started her jewelry business Heavenly Necklaces back in the Nineties as a hobby when her kids were very small. 

Belinda Hadden, realized Catherine's diamond and pearl drop earrings were her own when a client saw Duchess Kate wearing it at the jubilee carriage procession. Belinda Hadden told Daily Mail: ‘I was at a wedding, so I had no idea Kate had worn my earrings until another client sent me an email asking: “Are they the same as mine?”’ 

Very quickly the grapevine was abuzz with this latest news, with the ‘Kate Effect’ also kicking in.  Belinda, who also happens to be the daughter of the late Tory MP for Gosport and Fareham, Hants, Sir Reginald Bennett says: ‘Within the next 24 hours, I had sold out. I sold 60 on my website, which is the amount I would usually sell in a whole year.’

The source for Belinda’s imitation jewels are basically India, China and Hatton Garden in London. Her jewelry pieces she claims are made of the finest grade cubic zirconia, with the pearls in the setting made from ground-up freshwater pearls reconstituted with resin. 

With regard to the latest issue, Belinda informs that as a rule she does not talk about her clients, however in this case, “Kate’s earrings were outed on various blogs. ‘I had no idea there was this huge internet chat about where, when and what she wears.’ 

Meanwhile, it looks like The Duchess Effect is still going strong: The said "Pearl and Diamond" earring is totally sold out with a waiting list. Imagine waiting list for $75 cubic zirconia earning. Well, guess that is the magnetic power of Duchess Catherine, something which will never stop amazing us.  
Source: Daily Mail/Huffington Post 

Huge 50 mm Fake Diamond - Cubic Zirconia

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