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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pregnant Duchess Kate gets a gun to protect herself !!!!

Globe Magazine cover on pregnant Duchess Kate
Now that the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations is behind, once again the topic of Duchess Kate’s pregnancy is making the rounds. Two of the top celebrity magazines in UK, Globe and In Touch Weekly have made the sensational claim that Prince William’s wife is pregnant.

Well, if the news is indeed true, then there is every reason for the British royal family to start popping the champagne again this month, just days after the Queen’s hugely successful jubilee fiesta.

‘Pregnant Kate Gets A Gun,’ is the blazing cover story featured in this week’s GLOBE Magazine. ‘In Touch Weekly’ also has backed the claim of Duchess Kate’s pregnancy. The twin rocking issues of Duchess Kate becoming a mom and her being authorized a gun, is sure to hit world headlines.

For nearly a year now the grapevine has been rife with royal watchers speculating about when the stork will be visiting the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge’s household. As it is most Brits are looking forward to the announcement of a baby, who will be the future heir to the British throne, regardless of whether it is male or female.

This time the news of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy has been given by the revered celebrity gossip magazine ‘In Touch Weekly’ “exclusively” revealing what it claims is a photograph of Duchess Kate in a rare, candid moment with what looks like a “cute baby bump”

So is Prince William’s attractive wife of one year really pregnant? One witness, who happened to see Kate briskly entering a local jeweler in London on May 31, told the weekly: “We thought at first it might be just the way her dress fell as she walked … But if you looked closely, it was a definite baby bump. It was prominent enough to cast a shadow below,” opined the Middleton sleuth.

Did that thing really cast a shadow? Well, check out this photograph of Kate’s alleged baby bump and judge for your-self. According to the weekly Kate Middleton’s appearance gives out more clues. Quoting the same witness, the magazine states: “She certainly has a glow in her cheeks ... her face is more rounded - and so is her bottom.”

The Duchess of Cambridge is someone who is perfectly well groomed at all times. However, the weekly claims, like most pregnant woman who are worried about chemicals present in hair dyes Catherine is not touching up on her gray roots which is visible now a days. This for the much revered style icon is a major departure, claims the weekly. 

At the same time, the terrific news of Kate’s pregnancy (if indeed true) is tempered by fears for her safety.  Britain has been in the news this summer for the grand diamond jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth and the upcoming Olympic Games in London. So it’s not a complete surprise GLOBE’s disclosure about a plot being afoot to kidnap Prince William.  

Naturally any danger to the life of the future King of England also poses a grave threat to his spouse, as well.  This explains why GLOBE also mentions on its cover that not only has Kate been authorized firearms for self defense, she is even said to be receiving special martial arts training. 

While this is the scary part of being a high-profile celebrity, let us for now focus on the positive side of the two magazines’ cover stories on Kate’s pregnancy.  However, some pertinent questions do arise immediately. One, as to how far along in her pregnancy Duchess Kate is and two, whether the baby is going to be a boy or a girl.  

With regard to the threat perception, there should be no doubt the British Armed Forces and even the brothers Prince William and Prince Harry both trained military men would be more than a match for any cowardly kidnappers or terrorists who would threaten the royal family members.  

Meanwhile, the Palace has remained silent on the subject of Duchess Kate’s pregnancy, however, Prince William did tell Katie Couric recently that he is “very keen to have a family,” and soon. Well, hope this time, the news is really true. 

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Is Kate Middleton Hiding a Baby Bump?

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