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Monday, April 30, 2012

The lingering looks of love exchanged between William and Kate

While it is one year since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have tied the knot and a good ten years that they have known each other, it does not seem to have dimmed their love for each other one bit.
Kate and Will have eyes only for each other

In fact the royal couple looks to be more in love with each other than ever before, even as the entire world is completely enthralled by the couple and fallen under their spell.

Jo Hemmings, psychologist and body language expert interpreting Prince William and Kate’s body language opines that he has never seen a couple so much in love.

“They are both totally happy in the relationship and it shines out through their every move and every look.”

 “She is delighted to be married to him, and he is besotted with her. It never wavers. If they’re not ­looking into each other’s eyes, they are watching each other,” adds Hemmings.

According to the psychologist what actually shines through in this private connect that William and Kate share between themselves is a “palpable core of intimacy.”

Amazing chemistry shared
between Will and Kate

Further Hemmings states that even when the William and Kate are in a heavy public domain, when they look into each other’s eyes they seem to just cut off the rest of the world. “I am sure that must be a huge comfort for her (Kate) particularly,” he adds.

Duchess Catherine definitely does not really need much reassurance, as she has been warmly accepted by the royal family as also by the Brits. So much so, that her year as a duchess has been hailed as a triumph.

Another one to fall for Duchess’ charm, Hemmings eulogizes that it looks like as if she has been born to this role. And even her Prince William looks relaxed and so much happier. “They really are a perfect match,” Hemmings gushes.

However, this amazing chemistry between William and Kate does not seem to have gone unnoticed even by the ordinary folks in Britain. As one reader Wendy Green comments: "Their frequent eye contact is the one great thing I've noticed about them! They look so together in every way. Good on 'em!"


Royal Chemistry - Dr. Helen Fisher
Dr. Helen Fisher discusses the Chemistry 
between Prince William and Kate

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