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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kate Middleton’s first year as British Royal praised as 'Brilliant'

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth’s cousin has lauded Duchess Kate's first year as a royal as being flawless.  

The former Kate Middleton has thrown herself admirably into a spate of public engagements since she wed Prince William, the Queen's grandson on April 29 2011.

The 30-year old brunette has succeeded in impressing even a seasoned old timer like Lady Elizabeth Anson with her charm, grace and sense of fun. 

Queen Elizabeth's cousin Lady Anston
Eulogizing Prince Charles’ daughter-in-law, Lady Elizabeth told Radio Times magazine: 'At the moment it is absolutely brilliant.’

According to her, Kate Middleton must not change a thing as she is ‘refreshing, she is ‘beautiful’ who has never worn any dress that didn’t suit her. 

Moreover, even if there is pressure on her to look good and behave ‘yet she still laughs and looks happy and likes to chat,' adds Lady Elizabeth.  But this positive opinion was not there right from the beginning. 

Lady Elizabeth disclosed that before the royal wedding she was nervous about the former Kate Middleton, especially considering the fact that the marriage of Prince William's parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, had ended in divorce. 

According to Lady Elizabeth, everyone then wanted a ‘fairy tale. “But we were rather like nervous children in that we'd had our fairy tale with William's parents which didn't work out. I'm not so certain we thought we deserved another fairy tale so soon.” 

It was against such a backdrop the Queen’s cousin said in wonder 'It's been an absolute miracle. I think either she is blessed with a very natural gift or somebody very cleverly, quietly and calmly has been teaching her the knack of it.' 

Source: CTV News

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