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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wills and Kate pushed off on world tour by insecure Prince Charles?

Plans are afoot at the palace to pack off the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on a world tour. You may wonder so what is the fuss all about? Well, it’s not something being done in the normal course of things. There is said to be a reason behind the move.

Prince Charles is believed to be resentful of the fact that the blue-eyed couple is getting all the attention. (One can possibly believe that. Charles is a Scorpion zodiac sign, who are known to be highly prone to jealousy and insecurity.)

The Prince of Wales is apprehensive that once Will and Kate have a baby, which could in all probably be by next year, they will be even more in the spotlight. This in turn means Charles and Camilla will be side-lined further. Something, the senior prince does not want at any cost, as he is going to be the next King of England.

Hence, Prince Charles intends to send the younger royals packing off to other parts of the world. He wants to get to reclaim the spotlight in his homeland Britain, disclosed a Palace insider. Subsequently, royal aides are planning out the itinerary for Will and Kate with the view to keeping Charles in the forefront of public attention.

According to one Palace insider Mark Leishman, Charles’ private secretary and Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, William’s right hand man and former SAS commander; are discussing how to plan the lives of Prince Charles and Prince William, the two future British kings.

As it is Prince William will soon have to decide between his career as a search and rescue pilot in the RAF and being a full time royal. In all probability he will opt for a royal role. Once William, 30 leaves the services, he will be in a position to travel worldwide representing Queen Elizabeth and Britain.

By all accounts, the savvy Prince is set to overshadow his dad. He and Kate Middleton are in-fact, already doing so. A Palace aide said: “Charles knows he has no chance of competing with Kate and William, especially when they have a baby… And so he wants to regain his No.1 status in the public eye as soon as possible.”

Presently, the Queen has the reins of the kingdom in her hands and Charles has time to plot his destiny. The same insider said: “As the Queen is in good health he has to plan for the future. They don’t want Charles eclipsed by his son.”

“The plan is when William is out of uniform he could devote much of his time to the Commonwealth…. William loves traveling. Kate would go with him and it would be the answer to the problem,” surmised the royal insider.

It may be recalled that when Princess Diana’s was alive, her popularity was at its peak And Prince Charles was completely overshadowed by her. He must be thinking that now when it’s his turn, he will have years of competition from the highly charismatic Will and Kate and hence, the plan to keep the younger royals out of the way.

In Charles’ strategy, Leishman and Lowther-Pinkerton, the two private secretaries are said to crucial to ensure the success of the plan. Leishman, 50, is an ex-journalist and the grandson of former BBC director general Lord Reith.

While Sandhurst-trained 51-year-old Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, takes care of the affairs of Princes William and Harry and Kate Middleton. At the Wills and Kate wedding last year, Lowther-Pinkerton’s son William, 10, participated as a page boy.

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Source: Daily

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