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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Duchess Kate’s bogus photo on Marie Claire’s cover infuriates readers

A bogus Kate Middleton image on the cover of Marie Claire magazine in South Africa has quite a bit of a stir, leaving readers perplexed and deeply outraged. The Duchess of Cambridge (née Kate Middleton) is seen on the glossy magazine cover wearing a multi-colored dress, beaming broadly.

Fake Kate on Marie Claire cover
The question on everyone’s lips is how did Duchess Kate agree to pose for Marie Claire, considering she had refused to pose for the prestigious Vogue magazine last year? Even Anna Wintour could not convince the future Queen of England to grace theCover of Vogue, thanks to the ironclad diktat of the royal family.

Fact is that Duchess Kate didn’t agree to appear on Marie Claire magazine’s front page. The cover photo is a sham. As Marie Claire writer, Marisa Crous herself said it is an "A fan art tribute".

The wily team at Marie Claire’s came up with the idea of doctoring up a very true-to-life "hyper-real illustration" of the Duchess Kate attired in a dress by South African designer Clive Rundle for their August cover.

The August MC issue ran a tantalizing headline: "Fashion's new royal icon wears SA's best local designers*" and a disclaimer: "*Of course she doesn't. But she should." Naturally most of the readers fell for this fashion gimmick.

Marisa Crous told Yahoo News: "We were so inspired by her fairy-tale wedding and her life as a modern-day princess, which is why we elected Kate Middleton as our cover star for the August issue".

Meanwhile Aspasia Karras, editor of MC told The Daily Telegraph “Kate Middleton is, without a doubt, the world's new style icon…. We have honored her with a fan-art tribute, dressing her up in clothes by South African designers and placing her in all sorts of fun, everyday situations."

However, the dress worn by the photo-shopped Kate does not look like something Duchess Kate would normally wear. She has never worn Animal print ever and her hair has never looked so dreadfully ashen brown. It’s obvious the face has been attached to someone else’s body which is clearly evident in a tiny asterisk at the conclusion of the headline.

Inside the MC August issue, five local illustrators dress Kate Middleton up in their finest dress illustrated by Catherine Gauche. The multi-hued animal print dress on the cover comes courtesy of Clive Rundle. The laser-cut diaphanous dress is by Gavin Rajah. The baby doll dress (right) with Peter Pan collar by Abigail Betz and the leopard print gown (left) is a Marianne Fassler number. The ginormous duck, no idea whose creation it is.

In 2010, a royal spokesman told E! News, "Both William and Kate feel it would be wrong for Kate to promote herself as a fashion or style icon. That's not what they are about and they take their royal duties far too seriously to, in one sense, trivialize them".

Of this latest photo-shopped Kate image, one reader on Marie Claire's website wrote in apparent disgust: "I'm not really a fan of this idea. (So I) will not be buying this magazine!" One of them questioned in anger, "She didn't actually pose for the cover? How is that a good thing? Aren't you cheating your readers as well as your cover subject?"

Tigger Too of Lexington, US wrote: “… but now crap about Kate Middleton is coming out of the woodwork.” Stacy Korn of Sunnyvale, US wrote: “Most of these photos are squished” Said Colin from London, UK: Is the news so bad you have to print this rubbish?

Would like to know what you think of the cover … Super … Creepy ….Unethical?

Sources: Contact Telegraph

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