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Friday, June 1, 2012

New fad in London for ‘Middletan’ look, so named after Duchess Kate

Duchess Catherine is one of the most hotly discussed personalities, be it in the fashion media, the entertainment world or society in general. Just about anything Duchess Kate does anything she says or anything she wears is ever bypassed. 

Everything pertaining to the Duchess of Cambridge - be it her fetish for high-street fashion, her voluminous glossy tresses or her lithe model-like frame, comes under a microscope. 

It is scrutinized and discussed threadbare and widely followed as well.  Just recently, lot of attention has been focused on her radiant sun-kissed complexion.

After being a trendsetter in fashion, Kate Middleton is now setting a trend with her tan. So out with the fake bakes and the tangerine skin tones; make way for the exquisite "Middletan." 

Duchess Catherine’s flawless tan
Image: Dave Benett
Yes, this is the term coined by the beauty buffs who have given Kate their seal of approval, with her near flawless, bronzed complexion.

A whopping 70% of all it’s lady customers are requesting the "Middletan" (basically a softer spray of tan), informs LDN:Skins, a leading tanning salon, which has 1,000 booths all over United Kingdom. 

Kate Middleton has undoubtedly impacted the way women look at beauty, with the “Middletan” being one of the glaring ones. 

The Duchess of Cambridge with her glowing skin and statuesque bearing can be considered the very epitome of class and elegance in present times. Hers is the kind of beauty both inward and outward that most celebrities desperately crave for today. 

Lena White, LDN-Skins’ brand owner says "For years, women have opted for level four, the Jordan-style dark tan, in the booths but, in the wake of Kate regularly showing off her shapely bronzed pins, level two is now the color of choice … 

... More and more of our clients have told us they want to emulate the Duchess of Cambridge's radiant skin tone and have requested the more subtle tan," added White. 

London's latest fad "Middletan" is associated with terms such as natural, fresh, well-rested and luminous. Other than the style benefits her honey-tinted skin has provided Kate Middleton; it has also helped her to look her glowing best in pictures. 

Duchess Kate is someone who is under the constant glare of flashlights.  It is therefore, but natural to ensure that she does not look dull or jaded on every magazine or tabloid cover which is seen by myriads of royal watchers’ day in and day out.  

Source: Au.ibtimes
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