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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Duchess Kate beseeches Pippa not to embarrass her at Jubilee flotilla

Catherine and Pippa Middleton.
Duchess Kate fears her sister’s
 indiscretion during the Jubilee
flotilla. Credit: Now Magazine
Although the Duchess of Cambridge is normally very close to her sister Pippa Middleton, 28, this time around she has made a frantic plea to her: 'Please don't embarrass me again,' especially during the Queen’s jubilee celebrations.  

Duchess Kate has confided her fears to friends that fun-loving Pippa Middleton just might upstage her over the Jubilee weekend. Her worry is that one more of her sibling’s goof-ups could hurt their already stretched relationship in recent times. 

Kate Middleton, 30 is understood to have made the desperate appeal through their mother Carole Middleton, 57, once it became known that Pippa too had been invited to join this weekend's prestigious Jubilee flotilla in honor of Queen Elizabeth.  

In keeping with regal decorum, all the young Royals have been warned in advance to be on their best behavior, inform sources. However, one person, advisors are specifically keeping a hawk eye on is Duchess Kate’s younger sister, to make sure she does not spoil the day for Catherine or the Queen.

The party-planner Pippa's previous indiscretions include her wearing a figure-shaping McQueen bridesmaid dress, something which made her bum a worldwide phenomenon.

Her latest misadventure in April 2012 involves her being splashed across the front pages for lavish parties with dwarves and strippers and the now-infamous weapon-wielding drive through Paris, something that nearly got her arrested.

This time all precaution is being taken to ensure Pippa tows the line and has even been asked to keep her Jubilee dress 'pretty, formal and stylish' with negligible cleavage and an absolute no to skimpy short dresses.

Full story about Kate and Pippa Middleton can be read in Now magazine dated 4 June 2012 – under the head lines: Kate’s fears Pippa is going to ruin everything.

Source: Now Magazine
Kate Middleton's Naughty Sister Pippa

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