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Friday, May 25, 2012

Synopsis of Penny Junor's book – Shocking revelation Prince William had brain surgery

Penny Junor, the acclaimed British author, royal biographer and friend of Prince Charles, seem to have a knack of knowing the inner working of the British Royals’ minds, even of the most private and secretive one -  namely Duke of Cambridge.

In her book Prince William: Born To Be King, the lady has managed to peep into the life and times of Prince William and also unearth many of the hidden secrets of the young prince.

Cover of Penny Junor's book
Here is a brief rundown of the most amazing book penned on the future heir to the British throne. While people all over the globe recognize the Duke’s face, how many of them can truly claim to know the real Prince William.
To begin with William as a child was extremely close to his mother, the late Princess of Wales. Lady Diana’s eldest son was her play mate, her closest friend and ally.

While the media eagerly lapped up all the sensational details of his parents' divorce, splashing it all over, little William had to live painfully through the drama played out in public eye.

It was William who had to endure the embarrassment, the humiliation as also suffer from divided loyalties between his parents both of whom he loved a lot. 

As a pre-teen he saw his father being censured on prime time television. He even met the lovers. But the biggest blow fate dealt him was when at barely 15 his loving mother was tragically snatched away in a high speed accident in Paris.
Acclaimed Author & Royal Writer
Penny Junor. Image: Jason Alden

The passing of his mother Lady Daina must have surely left him completely shattered.  The trauma of which must have left an indelible mark on his young budding mind and psyche.

The day Britain lost its Princess, that day the over-powering grief over the death of the people’s princess, threatened the very future of monarchy. However, in that whole clamor, what was nearly overlooked was that two little boys had lost their mother.

By all accounts William’s childhood should have gone completely berserk, yet in May 2012 as the Duke of Cambridge approaches his thirtieth birthday, William has turned out to be a remarkably mature and well-balanced person as any one could hope to meet.

He has a tenacious bent of mind, a strong will and determination to do the right thing. He is in awe of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, and emulating her, wishes to serve his country as successfully as she has done for the past sixty years.

The moot point is how did this miracle happen? What stopped him from loosing his balance, turning his back on his duty and wanting nothing to do with the press? What made him be level headed without blaming anyone for his mother's death? From where did the humane qualities that have so mesmerized the world come from?

One line of Junor about Prince William says a lot about his character: “He would be superhuman if he didn’t have demons … But he keeps them to himself; he is one of the most intensely private people you could meet.

Over the past three decades Penny Junor has written extensively about William’s parents and the extended families into which William was born. With the trust and understanding built over a period of time, Junor has managed to get closer to the answers as no one has ever done before.

It can be said that this biography on Prince William is the first authoritative and exhaustive portrayal of the person who was born to be King and of his relationship with the woman (Duchess Catherine) who will be his Queen.

Prince William at eight with a scar
on his forehead. Image: Now Mag.
Before concluding the synopsis here is one shocking revelation made in Junor’s book. According to Junor, when William was barely eight-years-old he had an emergency brain surgery carried out.

It so happened that the young William was inadvertently hit on the head with a golf club. He was immediately rushed to a specialist brain unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Thankfully the operation was successful. Prince William however, had a scar left behind, which is lightly present even today on his forehead.

Please note Prince William: The Man Who Will Be King," by journalist Penny Junor, will be published in the U.S. by Pegasus Books. It is scheduled for a June 5 release. It has already been released in UK.

Source: Now


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