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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Prince William will protect his marriage at all costs – Royal Biographer Penny Junor

Penny Junor, the author of the latest book Prince William, Born To Be King – An Intimate Portrait, is confident that the Duke of Cambridge will ensure that his marriage to Duchess Catherine, the former Kate Middleton will always be an intimate bond that will not be severed. It will be a union which he will protect at all costs.

Prince William seen with Wife Catherine.
Royal Writer Penny Junor says Wills
will be a ‘fantastic’ King. Image: Hello
The senior royal biographer, known for her incisive books on the British royals, believes that Prince William, 29, is unlikely to ever disclose too many details about his personal life. 

Especially so, after he has seen how the strained relationship between his parents Prince Charles and his late mom Princess Diana had spilled into public domain and turned into a spectacle and fodder for gossip. 

Speaking to ITV1's This Morning, 52-year old Penny Junor has this to say about Prince William: 'He's intensely private and he has learnt a huge amount from watching what happened to his parents.'

In her latest biography, Penny has claimed that Prince William is extremely close to his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, whom he respects and looks up to. 'His role model is actually the Queen who is also intensely private,’opines Penny.

Also according to the prolific royal writer, as a child 'He saw what happened when his parents talked about their private life and it's a form of self-protection.' It is possibly this self-protective tendency that also makes Prince William to keep himself to himself. 

One aspect Penny is really confident about is that Prince William will turn out to be a ‘fantastic’ King. However be that may, he will never ever speak in public or be open about his relationship with his wife Catherine, as 'He is intensely protective,' a person she adds. 

Comparing Wills to his father, Penny says, that he will give everything just as his father has done. He too will give all the hours God sends to duty ‘I'm absolutely sure of that,’ she adds firmly.  At the same time Penny believes, that Prince William won’t ever give away his soul, something which Prince Charles did.

Source: Now Magazine

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