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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kate Middleton Beware! Sexy Amy Childs has the hots for Prince William

The ex-TOWIE super sexy babe Amy Childs openly states that she prefers Prince Harry's elder brother - the dashing Prince William. 

Amy Childs has her eye on Prince William
Pic:Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images 
So now the hand-some future heir to the British throne, has a new admirer. The Essex babe Amy Childs acknowledges she has a soft spot for 29-year-old Duke of Cambridge.

As royal watchers may be aware, Prince William will be celebrating his first wedding anniversary with Kate Middleton aka Duchess Kate later this month.

However, that does not seem to deter one ardent fan, 21-year-old Amy Child who publicly declares 'I fancy William more than Prince Harry!'

She goes on to query 'Can you imagine Essex and royalty? If I went for a member of the Royal family it would definitely be him!’ reiterating her open admiration for the elder royal. 

However, although she has the hots for Prince William, Amy still empathizes with the 27-year old Prince Harry, who says it's hard to find love. 

According to the gorgeous Amy, when a person is in the public eye, they don’t ‘intimidate’ people, but people are just afraid to approach them.  

Now that is really a sad state of affairs for the junior royal… Wonder what Prince Harry will have to say about this. Being the prankster he is, probably he will wise crack on Amy, ganging up with fav sis-in-law Kate.

Source: Now Magazine, UK

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