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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Duchess Kate pleads for Prince Harry with hubby Prince William

The strong Virgo-Capricorn bond extolled by astrology has stood the test of time as Duchess Catherine (a Cappy) has vowed to support her immature bro-in-law Prince Harry (a Virgo) in his difficult times due his nude photo scandal in Las Vegas.

The former Kate Middleton, who shares a terrific rapport with Prince Harry, apparently convinced her husband Prince William that they ought to stand by Harry and pledge him their whole-hearted support during these trying times for him.

Recently 28-year-old Prince Harry’s nude photographs were splashed all over the media and internet following a wild game of 'strip billiards' played with friends and complete strangers in his Las Vegas hotel suite, causing a massive uproar all over the world.

Being the dignified elder brother, there naturally would have been a dressing down given by Prince William to Harry for his wild antics. However, Harry would have got off lightly considering the unstinting support he always gets from his darling sis-in-law Duchess Kate.

A source disclosed to LOOK magazine: “William called Harry straight away and gave him a bit of a telling off. But Kate pointed out he had already been through the ringer and deserved their sympathy… She's promised to support him as much as possible and offered to help him come up with a recovery plan to get his public image back on track.”

It is no wonder then that there are media reports that on Wills and Kate’s upcoming tour of South Pacific nations as part of Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee celebrations, journalists have been forbidden to ask any queries pertaining to Prince Harry’s nude photo scandal.

Meanwhile, a chastened Prince Harry is said to be now concentrating on getting back to work as an army helicopter pilot and proving to his superiors that he is a responsible guy despite his misdemeanors. Of course. it goes without saying that once he returns to duty, he will be mocked by his army colleagues, but all in good humor.

The source added: “I think he'll be glad to be around his army mates, as though they're bound to give him a ribbing over his antics, they'll also understand that getting naked and larking about is just laddish behaviour.”


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