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Friday, August 10, 2012

Duchess Kate and Zara Phillips – Who will have a royal baby first?

The Duchess of Cambridge is currently in the happiest phase of her life with only a baby remaining to complete the heavenly family portrait, reports Australia’s Woman’s Day magazine in its August 13, 2012 issue.

In its article on the British royals Wills and Kate, the tabloid reports that Duchess Kate is currently at that phase in her life where she is ‘the happiest she’s ever been.’ However, says a close friend, the media’s favorite babe prefers being out of the limelight.

Apparently Duchess Kate likes nothing better than snuggling up at home with her husband of a little more than one year, Prince William. With the hectic pace of life due to the ongoing Olympic Games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee engagements, Kate’s life is extremely high-profile at the moment with flash-bulbs following her all around.

But a source says, what really matters to Duchess Kate in the midst of all this is that she has her hubby William by her side. So simple minded is she, that she is happiest in the company of her husband and their pet cocker spaniel Lupo at their cottage in Anglesey, Wales.

Discloses the source: ‘She (Kate Middleton) loves the incredible life she leads, but most of all, she loves William.’ Wills and Kate’s picture of family bliss is almost complete but for a missing piece. And that is an addition of a chubby replica of theirs – a baby.

Even the British monarch, Kate’s grand mother-in-law Queen Elizabeth has made no bones about her desire for another great-grandchild. However, Wills and Kate are said to be holding off conceiving a ‘little one’ until the Jubilee celebrations are out of the way.

According to inside sources, the royal couple is all set for their forthcoming trip to the South Pacific namely Malaysia, Singapore, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu. Undoubtedly touring these countries will be very strenuous for Catherine in case she becomes pregnant, that too for the first-time.

Hence it is being planned that once the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge get back home; nothing will come in the way of their dream of enjoying parenthood. After that do watch out, the good news will be given any time.

Bill Coles, The Sun's New York correspondent and royal reporter predicts: “When she (Kate) becomes mother to the baby who will be the future King or Queen, her popularity will only boom further.”

Well, one only hopes Wills and Kate will start baby making in right earnest since they will soon be having stiff competition in the race to present the Queen with a great-grandchild.

Just last week William, Harry and Kate Middleton were seen amidst roaring crowds cheering royal Zara Phillips (Princess Anne’s daughter) as she was presented the Olympics silver medal.

Zara, 31 at that point, uncharacteristically, could barely control her tears. According to those close to her it was not just for the long-awaited Olympic glory that set off this outpouring of emotion.

The royal has been open about the fact that she and her husband Mike Tindall, 34, the English rugby star are looking to fulfill their other dream, that of having their own baby once the Olympics is out of the way.

Woman’s Day reports quoting a close palace insider: “Zara and her husband have been talking about having children for over a year. But after missing the last two Olympics, Zara wanted to wait until after London 2012 before she tried for a baby.”

With the Olympic equestrian event out of the way, there is nothing to come in the way of Zara and Mike having their baby. Apparently Mike is happily telling his rugby pals that it won’t be very long before ‘Mike Jr’ will make an appearance.

The same source adds: “Prince Harry always has a laugh teasing Mike and Wills about which one of them will be a dad first …. As you can imagine all his jokes are horrendously offensive but in the best of jest.”

Well, let Prince Harry carry on his jesting. Meanwhile lets keep our fingers crossed as to who will win this baby race – Kate or Zara!!!

Source:'s Day

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