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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Prince William tells Charles to keep wily Camilla off Kate Middleton

Here is a not so happy piece of news but juicy enough to up the antennae of Royal watchers. Reportedly an ugly brawl has erupted between the royal father and son duo, threatening to cause an insurmountable rift between them and even result in a split within the Royal family.

The Globe magazine in its July 30th edition reports on this week’s cover story that a highly irate Prince William demanded that his father, Prince Charles control his wily wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles and keep her away from messing with his beloved wife, Kate Middleton.

According to the shocking report in America’s Globe magazine, Prince William has been arguing heatedly with his father because of Camilla. A source disclosed: “William exploded in a rage and ordered his Dad, ‘Keep Camilla away from Kate!”

The root cause of all these discords coming out of Buckingham Palace is said to be Queen Elizabeth’s recent updated ‘Order of Precedence’ by which the Duchess of Cambridge has to show deference and curtsy to ‘blood princesses’ and senior royals, when her husband Prince William is not around.

Now this decree is being misused unscrupulously within the palace. The till now low profile wife of Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles is said to have changed drastically. She is understood to be misusing the Queen’s decree to boss over the hapless Kate Middleton.

Apparently Camilla and the blood princes and princesses were upset by the fact that a ‘Commoner’ Kate was given the privileged position next to Queen Elizabeth at the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, while they were left out in the cold.

To counter that insult as also not really happy at seeing the entire spotlight on the ever popular Kate Middleton during the function, the select group of royals is said to have petitioned the Queen to put Kate in her place, once and for all. The result, Kate is now forced to curtsy and she does.

While it’s true as per royal standards and lineage, Kate Middleton is much below the blue blood princesses and princes. And despite the fact that one day in future Kate will be Queen Consort, the irate bunch is penalizing her now.

What is really shocking is that Camilla-Parker Bowles is said to be more than gleeful at Kate’s humiliation. The wily Camilla recently caught up with Kate Middleton in the palace passage where an ugly spat ensued.

According to Globe’s report in last week’s print edition of (July 23rd), Camilla confronted Kate in the palace corridor and demanded: ‘You must curtsy to me – right now!’ To which, reportedly, Kate hit back at crazy Camilla ‘Never! You make me sick!’

The crafty Camilla through her quiet machinations has already ensured that the Queen decide to have Charles ascend the British throne and enjoy the privilege of being a Queen Consort. Apparently this rude shock has made Prince William go on a drinking spree (which seems to be a little too far-fetched).

In addition to this set-back, Kate Middleton is now expected to genuflect before this wily woman. The print edition of Globe gives the entire gist of the heated conflict between Prince William and his father over batty Camilla, as also all the tidbits of the latest palace scandal and gossip.


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