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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kate Middleton's burlesque dancer cousin to pose for Playboy cover

The Contrast: Elegant Kate Middleton against
the sassy sizzling Katrina Darling
There is a black sheep in every family who causes embarrassment to the entire clan. The ever elegant Middleton family is no exception. One is referring to Kate Middleton’s distant cousin, a sleazy burlesque dancer going by an equally racy name - Katrina Darling.

The 21-year-old beauty is about to get much wider exposure in America. According to The Post, Kate Middleton’s cousin has been offered an opportunity to pose nude for the cover of American adult magazine, Playboy

Stripper Katrina Darling, the Gorgeous 
Cousin of  Kate Middleton.

The burlesque dancer better known for taking her clothes off at the drop of a hat, has apparently jumped at the offer. In addition to the cover, Katrina will be splashed across an eight-page spread for the September issue of Playboy, which is expected to hit the stands by the end of August, informs Daily Mail.

Katrina Darling is Kate Middleton’s second cousin once removed, but was apparently unaware of the royal relation. She is understood to have learned about it through the press, few days before Kate and William’s grand nuptials in April, 2011. An educated lassie, Katrina left her day job at Barclay’s Bank to chase her dream of becoming an exotic dancer in London.

Now she is a full-time burlesque dancer, performing raunchy numbers like “God Save The Queen” in which she often strips down to her birthday suit. The brazen girl courts controversy by wearing a tiny crown and a skirt sporting the colors of the British flag.

Kate Middleton’s burlesque 
dancer cousin, dressed for 
the act. Image:
Last month, the long lost relative of Prince William’s wife told RumorFix that cousin Kate Middleton has made no attempts to reach out to her. Royalists are sure to be aghast at her cheek for expecting the royals to reach out to a mere stripper. 

However, the super confident brunette couldn’t care less. She frankly told the site that it would be really “awkward to meet Kate. I’m not sure what I would say in that sort of situation. But I’m sure we would find something to laugh about in it all.”

Then she goes on to add: "It would be nice to meet [my cousin], but I’m not actually going to pursue it" Ever since it became known that Katrina is related to royalty, she has received plenty of negative attention for her act and career reports Fox

Lovely Katrina Darling seen here posing for
the camera  – Image: L Cham
She said “I’ve been called God knows what in God knows how many languages. I try not to take the negative attention as a personal attack, I try not to pay attention. I try not try read the press too much, so I don’t know what they’re saying about me." 

When asked about her chances of shacking up with Kate Middleton’s eligible bachelor bro-in-law Prince Harry, Katrina diplomatically replied that he isn’t her type. “I’m sure Prince Harry is an adorable guy, but I am a taken woman and Eton College men are not my cup of tea — too prestigious,” she explained. “I like my men rough around the edges!”

It may be noted that Kate and Katrina have never met. Wonder what will happen when the poised, elegant, and polite Kate Middleton meets the brash, brazen and sassy stripper cousin of hers. Will there be fireworks, if and when the two meet … or will it be an anti-climax. Well, only time will tell.

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Kate Middleton's Cousin is a Burlesque Stripper!


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