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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Are Wills and Kate at loggerheads over Pippa?

The Duchess of Cambridge has invited her sister to move in with her and William into their apartment at Kensington Palace, hoping to improve their strained relationship.

Prince William, however, has refused to entertain this idea. So the question uppermost is are the husband and wife now at loggerheads over this issue?

As royal watchers are aware, Kate Middleton, 30 and her sister Pippa, 28 have shared a close bonding with each other, right from their childhood.

This, despite the few hiccups along the way due to the party-loving ways of the latter which has caused embarrassment to the disciplined Catherine and the royals.

It is only recently that the sisters have reconciled visiting Wimbledon finals together, where the tennis crazy pair have been seen talking animatedly with each other.

The latest gesture of inviting Pippa home is believed to be the soft-hearted Catherine's way of healing their broken relationship after they fell out due to the former's waywardness.

Therefore when the unexpected invite came, Pippa Middleton, 28 could not have been more thrilled. Sadly for ‘her royal hotness’, Prince William put his foot down telling his wife: 'No way!' This harsh reaction means the proud party-planner will not be visiting Kensington Palace anytime soon.

A royal source disclosed: 'Kate hasn't got many people around her who she can really let her hair down with, so she thought it would be great to have Pippa move in.’

It is but natural where Kate Middleton is concerned not to speak her mind to just about any one, as being a royal she has got to be discreet at all times. But Pippa is someone she trusts implicitly.

The source said: 'She missed her (Pippa's) company so much during their recent falling-out… Pippa jumped at the offer, but Wills wasn't so keen.” This must have been a real dampener for Duchess Kate.

Explaining Prince William’s stance in the matter, the royal insider opined: 'Although he and Pippa get on really well, he thinks Kate's pushing it too quickly as she and Pippa have only just got their relationship back on track.”

Apparently, the level-headed Prince could see the pitfalls in the still fragile relationship between the sisters, as too much closeness would be bad for them in the long run hence sensibly put a stop to it.
The same source surmised: 'He feared it could lead to another big bust-up between the girls and leave Kate hurt again.'

It may be noted Prince William and Kate Middleton already share their Kensington Palace home with Prince Harry, and have been refurbishing their plush apartments at the luxury palace for their perfect London pad.

So with Pippa too entering the portals it would indeed be a crowd, but will this refusal by Prince William upset his wife Kate Middleton, after all she does treat William's brother Harry so well. Hope Kate the refusal in the right spirit.

By the way, do you think Prince William was right in not giving permission to Pippa to stay at Kensington Palace?

Source: Now

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