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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Duchess Kate adds final touches for William’s 30th birthday party

Despite having a demanding weekend filled choc-o-block with royal engagements, the Duchess of Cambridge is leaving no stone unturned to ensure hubby Prince William’s 30th birthday is truly memorable - something which he will not forget in a long time.

Looks like there is no rest for Kate Middleton as she gives finishing touches to husband’s birthday bash, tomorrow. Thursday, June 21 is marked in her calendar, a day for which she has been making extensive plans for a long time. By the look of things, it seems this birthday of the Duke of Cambridge will be one of the best he ever had.

To begin with, Duchess Kate is said to be planning on staging for her Prince, a bash truly fit for a monarch. For this she is working alongside his best friends, in order to ensure she gets all the details perfectly. After all his buddies know William’s taste best.

Since her sister Pippa Middleton happens to be a party-planner, Kate most certainly will be taking her help as well. Meanwhile, the big sister is said to be keen to help Pippa find a good man to settle down. She apparently wants to take advantage of this perfect occasion of hubby’s birthday bash to play cupid for her younger sibling.

Stamps issued on Prince William’s 30th Birthday
A source told Now magazine: “Kate thinks that if Pippa focuses on a new romance it'll calm her down … So she's planning on playing cupid by inviting a number of her single male friends to Wills' birthday bash.” Lucky gal Pippa!!!

Another person, Duchess Kate is said to be collaborating with is Guy Pelly, a nightclub owner and friend of William and Harry’s. Pelly’s assistance is essential for recreating a club-like setting at one of the royal residences. Catharine is said to be planning on throwing the secret bash either at Highgrove House in Gloucestershire or at Kensington Palace in London, reports Now magazine.

Whichever setting it may be, one thing is certain the party will be something spectacular, just ideal for the special occasion. Also she wants to ensure that it is far away from the media’s prying eyes and the public glare too. It will be something just perfect for a big night, so that the gang can enjoy themselves uninhibitedly.

Other than the intensely “private and special” party Kate Middleton is understood to be planning for her man; she is also reported to be giving a lot of thought with regard to the gifts she will be presenting him, something which she wants him to truly treasure for the thoughtful gesture.

According to one report, Kate is working closely with Guy Pelly to make a scrapbook to present to Wills for his special day. The touching romantic gift will document their entire relationship.

It will include "snaps of every holiday they've been on, memorabilia of special moments in their relationship and a heartfelt birthday message." It will be a great way to remind William of the wonderful times they’ve shared together during their eight-year long courtship and their one-year marriage.

One source told Now magazine: "Kate could've quite easily gone out and bought something to mark Wills' landmark year.” However, she's chose “to give him something far more personal as it will mean so much to him." That is not all, Catherine has also been organizing "a mixtape - well, an iPod playlist - of songs that have special meaning to them," added the same source.

Another gift that Kate Middleton has planned but which has already been widely reported is a special self-portrait as present for Wills. She has posed for this painting, captured by famed artist Nicky Philipps, which she organized with support from her father-in-law Prince Charles.

One is sure along-with hordes of royal admirers, even Prince William must be all agog looking forward to celebrating his three decades on the planet at the bash thrown for him by his better-half. Meanwhile, Guernsey Stamps, has announced the release of a collection of six stamps to mark Prince William’s 30th birthday. Lucky guy!!!


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